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At the advice of my physician, I have been told to slow down and give up this web site.  The site has averaged over 2,000 views a month for years now, and a lot of members have learned a lot about grand lodge here, but I am going to listen to my MD and let it go.  

Do you want to take over?  Someone should, or Grand Lodge will never correct itself.  Do you think they would have told you about the unpaid assessments? Or reinstating the pedophile? Or the illegal attempted taking of the assets of Warren Lodge?  Or the corruption of their attorney Gregg Trautmann?  Or so many other misdeeds?  A little research and some talking goes a long way.

Are you up to the task?  Then buy the site and take over.   The sale includes the site and name, and the search exposure. This site is read around the US and the World.  

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 4/13/19                        As Elvis Presley sang – It’s Now Or Never

Leo Otway and Bob Miller and Ed Woods all died while trying to bring our Grand lodge back to its’ senses.  If you have read this blog, and followed the happenings at Grand Lodge, you must understand that a chicken without a head must die.  Some of our grand masters have tried to sell the idea that the gm does not need any checks or balances and should spend as much as he wants on whatever he wants without any concern for our survival.  IT DOES NOT WORK.  Our Grand Lodge has survived and thrived specifically because, before wilson and berman and colquhoun, we worked and lived under a wonderful constitution.  Without it, and do know that these three tried to kill it, we will expire.  The writing is on the wall for all to plainly see.

You must demand the legislation to restore us to our Constitution. Not just one or two Brothers at the mike, but hundreds demanding that the proposed legislation be brought up for a vote by the members now.  Nothing else at the convention really matters, and no other work should be allowed, until this legislation is presented and voted upon by the members.  colquhoun and dorworth can't keep it bottled up forever. We can recover if we return to the Constitution we accepted at the Alter.  But not for much longer, the damage is getting too deep.

 Demand better, or grab what you can from the putrid corpse. 

Legislation-2019 with signatures and cover letter..pdf     <--  click here for the legislation.

4/11/19  Trustee, 3 members are running for 2 spots.    Richard Schmidt certainly has personal and educational experience but he has been on the job before and failed miserably (see the mess we are in now), and Joe Rival is certainly a nice guy but he says he will bring on just more of the same. In his profile statement in the Freemason Magazine he states "the gm is the uncontested ruler of the craft." Wrong, the gm is the CEO, but the Legal and Enforceable NJGL Constitution is the uncontested ruler of the craft. (See several court decisions.)  Joe Rival will just enforce more of the same with reckless spending, much as he overspent his budget when he had the chance to correct things.  Now Daniel Nemcek is a breath of fresh air! Young, bright, energetic, willing and brave; with a deep understanding of the problems facing Grand Lodge and ideas on how to address them.

Daniel Nemcek is a winner for us all and is the best candidate running for any office in GL this year!

Legislation-2019 with signatures and cover letter..pdf

4/08/19  A chill ran down my spine...   robert  monacelli truly expressed what is so very wrong in NJGL, when he said "When you are grand master, you have Imperial Power."  No you don't bob, and so many courts have ruled that you don't.  Just look at the Warren Lodge court judgement (I have it below to help you out) when the judge clearly and unmistakably said that a New Jersey Corporation operates under its' Constitution and Bylaws, not some made-up, fictitious nonsense.  No one else in the whole world buys into your "landmarks."   What you are saying is "the big lie" and it is crippling and destroying NJ Freemasonry.  

PS, Bob you are not entitled to be gm just because you might be dgm, someone else can run against you

You know, I'm not bright enough to make this stuff up - these reports have to be true...

The president of the GL trustees, h wayland packer, said they can't take the money from the Ashlar fund, but he and the elected line, who are voting members of the Ashlar fund, have enough votes to pay this bill.  Who is covering what up?  And who is really controlling our money??


Party hardy!  Most pgm's  have lived well on our dime - and grossly overspent their party budgets celebrating their deity - now we are being asked to pick up the bill again!   Your Grand Masters by the Numbers.docx
Stop this disaster by demanding the proposed legislation to return us to the NJGL Constitution!  Hundreds of us must demand the legislation or it will again just be  ignored.           Legislation-2019 with signatures and cover letter..pdf
The trustees have just gone along with this dereliction of duty.  Demand better!  See the gl website and the Trustees minutes for January, 2019.  The advertisers in the Freemason magazine have never been billed for the advertising.  Including trautmann and Wilson,  and they knew it and still didn't pay.  Everything I have presented to you has been or is being verified.  This fraternity cannot survived "he can do anything he wants to do."  The argument that the Landmarks cannot be touched or voted upon is a lie!  There is no such Landmark as #3 or #7 anywhere else in the world.  It is not universally accepted, it is not Ancient, and IT IS NOT A LANDMARK!  
See you on Friday in Burlington.  Dedicated charity assessments weren't dedicated to the gm to be used at his whim.

3/31/19  It is a disgrace that gl and Quintana have kept Dennis Winter on suspension when Quintana now agrees that Dennis Winter and the Lone Ranger were completely right about gl and the misappropriated assessments.  All of the information from the Lone Ranger is now verified or being verified, and the damage from the reported actions will be felt in declining memberships.   The longer this is being "covered up", the longer we will suffer.  The evil force is not the reporter, but the perpetrator.  Return Dennis Winter to full membership status immediately.  Do what is right, Roger! Even more outrageous, is the fact that the prosecutor in this case has been suspended by two state Supreme Courts for stealing, and yet remains a mason in good standing.  This really stinks.  I guess a brother of a pgm is exempt from our rules of behavior and can steal and lie at will.

3/28/19   Kudos to John Ryan. (Yes, you read that right)  He has a great idea that he discussed with several people at the candidates night last Tuesday, namely that the Trustees should be Independent, non-masonic board members.  As we have witnessed so many times in the last 20+ years, the Trustees cannot do their job when controlled by a grand master, who can do "whatever he wants," and they just go along for the ride.  Independent members, preferable professional and business leaders, can do what is best for the craft without undue stress and control from the gm, much as large and prosperous corporations do.

FYI, I was in Lodge when Roger Quintana, in open lodge, as jgw, promised that he would correct the massive mistake of (supposed) landmark #3, where the gm can do whatever he wants, without regard to the NJ  GL Constitution or Rules.  He can correct that mistake by bringing the proposed legislation to return us to our legal and voted upon constitution up for a vote at Grand Lodge.  We will see if he is a man of his word or not.

3/24/19.   Look at the budgets for the previous 12 years and all gm's (except Policastro) exceeded their budgets for the annual communication  parties.  trautmann (the guy who personally chased over a thousand members from NJ Freemasonry with his lousy bullying) overspent by $132,357, dorworth (who wants unaudited control over the Ashlar Fund with no accounting of how our money is being spent) overspent his budget for the "big party" by $105,305; Joe Rival, who wants to be a GL Trustee now, overspent his budget for the Annual by $56,649; and the big problem, dan wilson, went wild spending $469,500 on a "one day class", where most of these guys are no longer members via NPD, and another thousand members fled when he forced a consolidation of three lodges against each of their voted desires.  Bad judgement call!  These guys thought it was better to spend three quarters of a million dollars, additional money over their budgeted allowances, on a party for themselves rather than the charities the assessments were intended to support.  Really, there was nothing to celebrate from their years at the helm.

Think about this at the "town hall meeting" while you are being asked to fork over more of your money.

Think about this when considering that they believe "they can do anything they want", and ignore our Constitution with its' accountability and oversight.  DEMAND BETTER, demand the legislation!

03/20/19.  More than 1,000 previous NJ freemasons have bailed out again this year, quitting the fraternity, mostly in disgust.  Constitutional governments have lasted for hundreds of years, but every dictatorship in the history of the world has failed, and usually violently. Why aren't we demanding the return to the NJ GL Constitution?  This nonsense of "the gm can do whatever he wants to do" is destroying this fraternity in NJ!  Look at the facts and the 40+ pages of examples showing the abuses I have documented over the last few years.  You must demand the proposed legislation to return us to the GL Constitution, the body of laws we first respected in our MM obligation, not the made up landmarks (the ones no one else in the world recognizes.)  You must demand that the proposed legislation be brought up at grand lodge in April and vote to approve, to stop this travesty.  Or you could just go along with the 1,000's of others and just walk away.  Or you could go along to "get what you can get" until this great fraternity just evaporates.

Several PGM's spent the ends of their lives fighting to save the fraternity in NJ, by sponsoring and fighting for this legislation.  Remember their struggle, support their memory, and "DEMAND BETTER!"  Legislation-2019 with signatures and cover letter..pdf

Look at the balance sheet and budget - GL is over budget and income by $200,000, yet they spent an extra $50,000 on the "elected line's" own Travel and Entertainment.  They are living high on the hog while we drown in debt?

Congratulations!    You did it!  After asking so many questions, and demanding better, you have forced “the powers that be” to pull their distorted and bastardized version of the Constitution.  The one they adopted with the “approved amendments” to bringing all new meaning to “power stealing the company!”  The imaginary version of our constitution has disappeared from the members only web page, hopefully to be replaced with the original plus the real amendments copy.  We can only wait and see…

When you demand better, you can get better.  Keep up the good work!

And on that subject, contrary to Quintana’s statements, all of the minutes of our committees, boards and other units have not appeared on the GL web page.  In fact, dorworth and sharp are publicly defying Quintana and have refused to publish the minutes of the Ashlar Fund;  publicly stating that we, the members and owners of the fund, have no business in knowing how our money is being spent!  Do you want to demand better?  Start here!  There are enough elected gl officers on the Ashlar Fund board to vote all of GL members as owners and members of this fund and program, as promised by Quintana.  Why aren’t our elected officers voting in our behalf for true representation and disclosure?  Demand better!  Dorworth is the one on the legislative committee who is blocking the proposed amendment to return us to our constitution.  Do you see a pattern here?

Quintana is lying again – his web site states that all of the minutes and financial disclosures are “coming soon,” when he knows people are refusing to publish the complete information, minutes or disclosures.

The 2013 copy of our Constitution... GL Constitution-2013.pdf

The approved Amendments to our constitution...By-LawUpdates2017 (1).pdf            By-LawUpdates2018.pdf  

Just put the two together without making up any new stuff!

Check out the GL web site, members page, and see the proposed draft revision of the GL Constitution and Laws for 2018 from the 2013 copy.  Amazingly, some 54 pages have disappeared from the original.  Some significant Sections and Amendments that were passed from 2014 to 2018 are missing (including the Balance Sheet and Income and Disbursements Statements which are no longer to be reported to the members, according to this draft.) Some sections do not include the changes approved at GL, including sections originally proposed and accepted by the members, by r. quintana.   

How can significant changes be made to the GL Constitution and Laws without the approval of the voting members?  This draft restricts financial reporting and will hide the financial conditions of Grand Lodge from YOU.  Where is the GL Transparency you promised, Mr. quintana ?

Also note that the Treasurers Statement from the gm does not include the Balance Sheet and Income Statement, as is required in the Constitution and Laws.  Now what are you hiding?

Further  note that the Assessments have not yet been fully paid!

An interesting letter from Alvin Frankel on "the Trustees"  …   Frankel's Opinion on GL Trustees' Duties.pdf

An interesting paper on "the landmarks" …   Grand Master Landmarks NJ analysis (2).docx

See if you can spot the differences:  
This is the letter the gm sent to all of the lodges in NJ about the Lone Ranger:  
Winter Suspension .pdf

This is the actual agreement and settlement of the case in court: Settlement Agreement with transcript-1.pdf

Notice in the actual settlement that the plaintiffs (Dorworth, Trautmann, Sharp and Colquhoun) agree that no one was at fault and that the whole prosecution was worthless and without merit. Dennis Winter agreed to a suspension just to bring this matter to a close, with no finding of fault or acknowledgement of any wrong-doing.  GL has no basis to declare Brother Winter in the wrong or guilty of anything, other than accepting a bogus and baseless suspension.

It is an outrage that the gm suspended Brother Winter for doing nothing more that just speaking the truth, particularly while Mr. Trautmann, who was suspended from the practice of law by two state Supreme Courts for stealing from his client, a church and children, remains a NJ freemason.

Shame on you Roger Quintana, shame - shame - shame 

Lying seems to be getting easier for NJ gl and its' grand masters.   Now the gm has instituted two new lodges on his own authority under the "landmark lies" where he can do whatever he wants to do, and the NJ Constitution be damned.  These lodges are for a Portuguese and a Brazilian community and will be: held in, use a ritual in, keep minutes and records in, Portuguese, a language other than English.  See the NJ GL Constitution regarding language and ritual and record keeping use.  >>>Formation of New Lodges (1).pdf  I guess the rest of us just aren't invited to these lodges.  So as not to discriminate, lodges should also be formed to conduct business, meet and do ritual in other communities; such as our German, French, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Iranian, Hungarian, Ugandan and other groups.  Why?  Could this be a ploy to gather votes for a run for a new gl office?

Of course, roger also is still bragging that the minutes and finances of the various gl committees and boards are on the gl web site.  They still aren't.  The great secrets are still secret. No transparency here!

All of 2018 has passed and still the minutes and financial statements of our organization are hidden away.  Roger promised to publish all of this information.  Does Roger have no control?  Even with the authority of "he can do whatever he wants, " the group laughs at him and provides nothing.  Even the one group that does provide some minutes, only provides select "doctored" minutes, leaving out inconvenient actions.  The Ashler Fund, which took control of our money without our permission, and spends it at their whim, laughs at Roger and us and does not provide any accounting about OUR money, or how they spend it.  NO ACCOUNTABILITY!  We all know how this is going to turn out...  Wake up, my brothers, demand much better - demand accountability - DEMAND THE LEGISLATION TO RETURN US TO THE GL CONSTITUTION!

Our GL trustees knew about the misappropriations of the dedicated assessments, for nearly 20 years, and did nothing about it.  They have evolved under the "landmark lies" into a group doing only what they are told to do.  NO ONE represents US anymore.

December 10, 2018 – The Settlement.  The Lone Ranger set upon his mission to tell you the real story of how gl is being operated, and who is maneuvering this ship.  He described and showed you proofs of how your assessments and dues were being misdirected and misspent.  He showed you proofs of how the proceeds of your recently sold assets were placed into a private slush account where you had no vote, no input and no control over how and to whom your monies were being spent.  He showed you proof of how a pedophile was being welcomed back into the fraternity, quietly, so a gm could make a stupid point to the courts, which was itself a lie.  He showed you how the gl was trying to steal the assets of a lodge for their own use and tried to bully them into submission, etc., etc., etc. He did help to save Warren Lodge, he did get most of your previous assessments paid to their rightful recipients, and he did show you that to save NJ gl, we must demand and pass the repressed legislation to return to the GL Constitution.  He also showed you who is benefiting financially from the destruction of gl.  All of this upset several people, most of whom you can guess.  They sued him in what I believe is a frivolous suit to keep him quiet.  He spent not only over a year defending himself, but many tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees, trying to protect and preserve our Grand Lodge.  The protagonists maneuvered a lawyer (yea, the one who was suspended from law by two state Supreme Courts for stealing from a church) into an unpaid prosecution knowing and bragging that they just wanted to harm the Lone Ranger financially and then throw him out of the fraternity.   More bullying, and abuse of the legal system – and no one won.  (Is this really who we want to lead our fraternity?)  After a year and so much money wasted, the Lone Ranger surrendered.  He agreed to settle the suit with both sides claiming no fault, so no victory, and no money or damages.  He did agree to a six month voluntary suspension just to make this all go away.

Dennis Winter, a/k/a The Lone Ranger, is a true American Hero.  He gave of himself, and his fortune, to try and save this fraternity, without any ideal of any personal gain.  It would be a sin, in the truest sense of that word, to try to enforce this suspension against him for doing what we all know, in our hearts, to be a truly noble and honorable effort. His only offense was in telling the truth with proofs.

The moral of the story?  In NJ grand lodge, it is fine to steal from a church and to lie and steal from the people who put their trust in you, but you should never, ever report on the shenanigans or malfeasance of those running grand lodge.  Always kill the messenger, never the people killing the fraternity!

dorworth/trautmann/sharp/colquhoun vs. The Lone Ranger.  Add wilson, ryan and berman and you have the people most responsible for the big lie about the landmarks, and most responsible for the accelerated deterioration of our grand lodge and the fraternity in NJ, in my humble opinion.  Disagree?  Read the 40+ pages of history below; it is about the money and the power, never about the good of freemasonry in NJ. 

Suspended in another state - GREGG DOUGLAS TRAUTMANN has been suspended from the practice of law by the Supreme Court of the State of Pennsylvania effective  November 16, 2017, for six months.  How is he still a NJ Freemason?


Do you enjoy traveling to other states and visiting with Lodges there?  That might soon be ending.  One Grand Lodge has withdrawn the recognition of another because they violate the Due Process of the US Constitution!  Does this sound like NJ or what?  Other jurisdictions understand that abusing member rights will kill the fraternity, and have started taking appropriate actions to protect themselves. Read the notification here....  SKM_C754e18112609310.pdf          Demand the legislation dorworth is hiding to return us to the NJ Grand Lodge Constitution!  NJ Freemasonry is not a dictatorship of the few, but a fraternity of the whole.  You have RIGHTS!


We must all fear evil men.  But there is another type of evil, which we must fear most.  And that is the indifference of good men. 

(The Boondock Saints, 1999)


From our friend Solomon, who also attended that recent gl communication, we have his report:


This past Saturday our Grand Master, Roger B. Quintana, called an Emergent Communication of the Grand Lodge. While there was some good news, there is also bad news.

The good news is that john ryan, the grand secretary, resigned his position as Grand Secretary. This is the grand secretary that has signed checks, brought to us a lodge secretaries program that does not work and apparently we cannot cancel because of the contract the grand lodge legal counsel allowed him to sign and for spending our money flying back and forth from his home in Florida at our expense. All of which was unbudgeted and unauthorized by any Grand Master or the Grand Lodge Trustees.

The bad news is that for the foreseeable future, if there is a future of the Grand Lodge of New Jersey, it seems that it is still going to be “business as usual” at Grand Lodge. There was no mention of restitution to be made by the former grand secretary or any other action. He still can run for the same position next year and no disciplinary action taken for his abuse of his former office. Do you think you would have been treated the same way and manner if it were you? Absolutely NOT! You would have been expelled in a heartbeat. In addition, the Grand Master seems it is ok to allow the Charity Foundation, who has a $6.9 million dollar budget deficit, to pay for the trips that the elected line takes to other jurisdictions.  He wants you to think that they are saving us money by not having the Grand Lodge pay for this. He must think we are stupid. This is an example of, again, robbing Peter to pay Paul, just as they did when they used our donations that we pay in our dues to pay other Grand Lodge expenses.  Speaking of our assessments, it was revealed that the Historic Trenton Temple assessments still have not been paid.

Our Grand Lodge Trustees, who we elect to oversee this corporation have just sat back and allowed all of this to take place. Their answer is, “We didn’t know this was happening.” What do you mean you do not know it was happening? It is your duty to know what is happening and to act when these things occur. If john ryan resigned, then the grand Lodge trustees need to resign also. They have let us down miserably. There seems to be no oversite on any facet of the grand lodge and they wonder why we are losing members at an alarming rate and are going broke.

Interesting is that we were told that the elected grand lodge officers are “supposed” to be “leading “ from the bottom of the pyramid and that they are there to serve us. They also told us that without the blue lodges, grand lodge would not exist. But recent history does not find those statements to be true. Lodges have been closed and good brothers expelled by the dictatorial acts of recent grand masters.

Finally, our Grand Master told us that the minutes of all the boards of trustees are on the Grand Lodge website. Well, if he had looked before he made that statement, he would have known that they were not. He ordered this to be done in September. They are still not there! What are they hiding from us? The solution is simple my brother. Force them allow us to vote on and pass the legislation that would return us to the Constitution and Laws that we all swore to abide by that the grand lodge legal counsel and  David Dorworth has refused to be brought before us. Our fraternity’s future is in serious jeopardy. Are you willing to just let it pass into history or are you going to demand change? It is now up to you!


Read John ryan’s response: he doesn’t defend stealing your money, just that he is not a full time Florida resident.  How arrogant, self-serving and incompetent is this “man”? He is scheming from the inside to destroy the gm and take his authority.

​At a minimum, we must demand a full accounting of his financial misappropriations and full restitution of our money.


Where are the minutes?  While a few have been published, most have not.  Why not?  According to some members of various committees and boards, they are afraid of being found in violation of the NJ Corporation Laws, the NJ GL Constitution, and/or their MM Obligations.  It is better that you should be kept in the dark than that they should admit to their mistakes and malfeasance.  Doesn’t that make you feel better about gl?  Now, how do you feel about that lawyer who told them they can do whatever they want, advised them throughout, and told them to destroy any copies?  (Note: some minutes are now being "revised" before being released!)

Demand the Legislation dorworth is hiding and pass the requirement to follow our Constitution! 


A month ago the GM directed all boards to release their minutes on the GL website.  The GL Trustees did release most of their minutes, but the Masonic Charity Foundation Trustees released only one month.  The Trenton Historic Temple Trustees and the Ashler Fund Trustees have released none.

Who runs GL?  Certainly not Roger Quintana if he cannot enforce his directives.  If we used our Constitution, we would have a guideline for administration, but now it seems anyone can do as they please.



Freemasonry evolved from the Age of Enlightenment, not from kevin calquhoun's imagination.  This philosophy removed dictatorships and gave control to the members through their constitution and  bylaws.  Never has any gm had unquestioned authority, ever in masonic history, except in NJ as defined by kevin.  It is a lie and has been disproved in every court of law where a verdict has been rendered.  The only cases were it stood up were when the defendant quit after being bullied and refused to continue to pay to come to a verdict.  They win by bullying and abusing the legal system, not by fact or reality.  However, kevin has made many tens of thousands of dollars from gl by selling this nonsense.  We pay, and we lose.  If you care about NJ Freemasonry, make your voices heard.  kevin and dorworth will sit on this legislation and bury it in committee.  They believe they alone should determine what is good for you, and you are too weak to demand otherwise. Are they right??

Here is the legislation>>>  Legislation-2019 with signatures and cover letter..pdf


dorworth learned his management from a corrupt and now disbanded police department, and he is applying those techniques here.


It's not just me.  Read this article:

This crap is all around the freemason world, not just NJ; however NJ still maintains the "big lie" about the landmarks. So many of us want a better fraternity, yet so many of us accept this nonsense.


NJ grand lodge became a NJ Corporation by act of the NJ legislature in 1866.  As such, it is required to comply with the laws of Corporations in NJ.  That is the law in NJ, and that was the finding of the courts in the Warren Lodge judgement, and other judgements.  The Acts of Incorporation, and NJ State Law require that all Corporations follow their Constitution and By-laws without exception. This is not a "legal opinion", I am not practicing law in NJ.  Seek your own legal advice.

Read the Articles of Incorporation from 1866 here:>>>    Articles of Incorporation of Grand Lodge.pdf

Based on the opinion of two gl attorneys, one of whom is a confessed thief and criminal, NJ gl claims it is an oligarchy; which is defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary as: “a government in which a small group exercises control especially for corrupt and selfish purposes.”  No where in the petition to join or in any obligation or any charge is it stated that anyone owes any allegiance, respect or obligation to any small dictatorship.  We all paid for and joined a NJ Corporation with rights and privileges thereto.

CEO’s of NJ Corporations who choose to ignore the Corporations’ Constitution and By-laws do so at their own risk and the damaged parties thereof may be awarded actual and punitive judgements, both from the Corporation and from the individual CEO’s (grand masters).  Members expelled or suspended in NJ without a Constitutional trial, or whose suspensions were extended, as required and specified in the Constitution, have lost ownership rights during the illegal suspensions or expulsions and should be entitled to money damages, both compensatory and punitive, from the offending grand masters.  This is my opinion as a lay person but one who can read and understand English.  Seek legal advice before you initiate any lawsuits! This is not a "legal opinion".

Landmark 3, the “big lie” was concocted in 1903, never existed in the fraternity or in antiquity, never voted on or made a part of the Constitution, and stands throughout world Freemasonry as a total fabrication.  IT IS NOT A LANDMARK and violates NJ Corporate Law!  See the Warren Lodge judgement herein below.  That judge is a NJ lawyer, and finds that NJ Law governs NJ Corporations and gl.


The assessments for the upcoming year have just been released by gl.  They call for a 21% increase in the assessment amount going to gl itself, where the constitution limits increases to  5% a year.  There will also be increases in other assessments, but we do not know if these are actual cost increases or just more money for gl.  This just doesn't make any sense.  GL is losing mass amounts of money each year, and we do not know where they are getting the money they are spending.  Is it from the Permanent Fund of gl which, according to the constitution can not be spent, and only the income from which can be used?  Are they borrowing the money from the fund? Maybe we will find out in November if there really is a full disclosure of the accounts of gl, including a history of the balances and expenditures in the Permanent Fund, and all other accounts.  What do you think??


Reviewing the tax returns for Grand Lodge, their Charity Foundation is, and has been, losing nearly $100,000 a month; Grand Lodge itself is losing over $30,000 a month, and has been losing money for over a dozen years.  Are the Trustees searching for a way to stem the bleeding and restore us to financial health, which is their fiduciary and sworn duty?  No, they are searching for the mole who is letting you know how things are being managed at the “we can do whatever we want” club. 

Look for massive assessment increases, don’t look for spending cuts.  They will soon deplete the Permanent Fund and will look to YOU to bail them out.  All of the freeloaders at Grand Lodge will continue to receive free meals, trips, lodging, gifts and parties on your dime.  The elected line will continue with their “free cars” until our assets are repossessed.

You’re looking for me??  Stop wasting your time. If you want to find me, just look over your shoulder. You would be surprised to know all of the people who tell me what is really going on.  Some of my friends are on your left or right side and some travel with you.

Demand and vote for the legislation to return us to the Constitution!


Your grand secretary has been inappropriately using your money. By billing gl for his commute to his home in Florida (first class, of course), without any current gm or trustee authorization and unbudgeted, he has decided he is entitled to your money much more than you are.  As such he should repay gl for all of the money he has "misappropriated."   He should also be brought up on Masonic Charges for such deceit to the craft.  

A gl lawyer has stolen from a church, his clients and his community.  He should be brought up on Masonic Charges for his behavior.

Others have claimed some Brothers have presented only "half-truths" when he knows Kabr only presents the full truth with full proof and documentation.

Wake up, my Brothers.  We desperately need some house cleaning!


US Senator bob menendez is an "honorary mason."  Given that so many past gm's have been lying to us  and deceiving us, as demonstrated in the examples below, bob seems to fit in with the "what's in it for me crowd" very nicely.  Great move, Roger!


GL rules with intimidation and financial bullying. Their "legal" actions consist of ridiculous suits knowing the defense will cost tens of thousands of dollars and most will simply quit the fraternity rather than waste this money.  Is this treating others fairly?  Is this really a fraternity of honorable men?? Good boys do as they are told and ask no questions, those who dare ask questions that embarrass the incompetent  must be suspended or expelled.  Now, they will demand more assessments, so shut up and pay!


Your  grand Secretary

1.       John Ryan is a legal resident of Florida, he votes there and his car is registered there. 

2.       When Mr. Ryan chooses to fly to NJ, he bills the flights on his grand lodge credit card.  Isn’t that special?  We get to pay for his commute from Florida!  The gm recently pulled his credit card from us for these trips, but has he made any restitution to us?  Of course not. And the flights were free to him, because he is special, so he only flew FIRST CLASS, on our dime!

3.       Mr. Ryan has been working with a single person provider in Florida of software on the lodge Circumscribe program to replace the existing lodge management software.  Circumscribe is not compatible with the existing gl software, has not been able to work properly, and has cost us over $30,000 in fees.  There are no guarantees it will ever work for us.  Lodge Pro is currently in place, works for 90% of our lodges, and is paid for.  Mr. Ryan’s initiative here is expensive and ill-conceived, but, hay, the money is free, right?

4.       Mr. Ryan spent $20,000 of our money, without any approvals, and without any competitive bids, on “clickers” for tabulating votes at gl in AC; $5,000 of which came from the Historic Trenton Masonic Temple accounts, again, without any authorizations.  The clickers he chose can be programed for preferred results.

5.       Mr. Ryan, as gm, ignored the gl Trustees, refused to accept their annual report, and against their vote, mortgaged and bought the Trenton Temple.  He also ordered gl to borrow, on his own, over $500,000 for repairs for this ill-conceived purchase.  The appraisals for that property have climbed from $3,500,000 to $2,500,000 since he forced the buy, even after all these repairs.  What a wonderful investment just so he can have splendid offices to visit when he is up from Florida.

6.       The 2014 tax return shows losses of $1,442,816 based on appraisals and costs on the recent sale of the Temple from us, and to us.  There is no plan in place to save us from this White Elephant, or even from ourselves, as membership collapses and funding disappears.  Isn’t it wonderful that the gm can do whatever he pleases?

7.       Mr. Ryan receives a yearly salary of $24,000 plus many benefits for the ceremonial job as Grand Secretary.  Again, it’s just money, right? Previous GS's did the same job for $2,000 a year.


                          Hay, no half-truths here, right Roger??


GL rules with intimidation and financial bullying. Their "legal" actions consist of ridiculous suits knowing the defense will cost tens of thousands of dollars and most will simply quit the fraternity rather than waste this money.  Is this treating others fairly?  Is this really a fraternity of honorable men??  


Pay attention, Roger Quintana, whatever you accomplish will be of no value if you do not correct the lie of the "landmarks."  The whole world knows these are wrong, you know they are wrong, they were seized by lying incompetent gm's for bullying and cheap control, and they are destroying the soul of this fraternity.  Be remembered for restoring the grace and honor of the fraternity, not for  prolonging the damage.

At some time, and sooner rather than later, someone else will be illegally suspended or expelled, and he will join with hundreds of others so wronged in a CLASS ACTION lawsuit against the gl of nj; which will cost the gl tens to hundreds of millions of dollars and bankrupt the fraternity.  Choose your legacy.  


Lest we forget - This is half of the legal masterminds of the bastard "landmarks" of NJ (the other being Kevin Colquhoun) .  Our Moral and Ethical leaders ....

NJ Attorney-Executor Gregg D. Trautmann Sells Estate Property To His Spouse At A Bargain And Bargains For A Six-Month Suspension
So to be clear - attorney Trautmann does a inside deal that he/his wife would have pocketed a cool $389,000 - effectively STEALING from the rightful beneficiary and a church...


​Yet still he is your brother, and still representing gl pgm's.  Disgraceful!  He will never sit in my lodge, or break bread at my table.

Every NJ court that has reached a verdict has ruled their version of the "landmarks" invalid, non-governing, and "baloney".  But it all began with them and Wilson and Berman, and climaxed with Glenn Trautmann and David Dorworth. See all verdicts and settlement judgements below.


GL has finally filed their Income Tax Return for Fiscal Year 2016.  See it here..  IRS 990 Form for tax year 2016-1 (2).pdf

As of April 30, 2017, they have not paid the assessments (see Other Liabilities on the form). 

They do show an Annuity with a CSValue of over $279,000.  There is absolutely no reason for a 501 (c)(10) Corporation to buy an Annuity except to generate a large commission to the salesman!  Who sold it to them and who made the big bucks off of us?  Lousy investment! 

While their attorneys have assured us they work for gl at no cost to the fraternity, the return shows Legal Fees of over $37,000 for this year alone.  There are over $158,600 in legal fees in gl during the Warren Lodge fiasco. This is the period of time the gl tried to rob Warren Lodge of their building and assets, lost, and had their ridiculous arguments thrown out of court.  See the Court Opinion below. They told us there would be no legal fees, but see here otherwise. Every time gl has been in court to settlement, they have lost the argument of the landmarks.  This is a NJ Corporation and must operate under their Constitution and Laws, not contrived, unapproved illegal "landmarks."  PASS THE PROPOSED LEGISLATION to return us to the approved Constitution!


If John Ryan can only do "ceremonial duties", why is he still taking our money ($2,000 a month)?


Truth is like the Sun - you can shut it out for a time, but it ain't goin' away.    Elvis.

With a heavy heart, please see the attached article on Brother Mike McCabe, who recently passed from this life.
Trouble clicking? Copy and paste this URL into your browser:


​Mr. Berman has enjoyed his vengeance long enough.  Mr. McCabe held to his own beliefs and now deserves relief from this gl.  Please restore him to full membership posthumously, so he and his family, and many Brothers of this fraternity, can find some peace.


Messrs. Hees, Sharp and Dorworth are spinning again. At the last candidates night, they omitted that the Ashler fund was set up in secret, without the consent or approval of the gl Corporation, took control of our Corporate money and redirected it in secret to a private, secret, quiet account/corporation.  We, the owners of this money, have never seen any budgets, balance sheets or other accountings of our money.  They make it sound like they only do good, but who knows?  Everything is a secret.  Our Constitution requires full disclosure of all budgets, balance sheets, tax filings and assets of the Corporation by every November to every member, but this has never happened, it is all a big secret.  It is our money, but we have no need to know?  Crooks operate in secret... honest men disclose.  Open the books and show us what you got!  This Ashler fund received over $7,000,000, but they claim less than $5,000,000.  Where did this money go? To buying that Trenton Temple from ourselves and if so, where did that money go?  We voted those proceeds to the Permanent Fund, and specifically not to be spent on operations, parties or unpaid assessments.  SHOW US THE MONEY!!!  Stories abound about lousy investment decisions from this fund in annuities and such, but we do not know where our money is, how it is being spent, how it is being invested, how much these investment yield, or the risk factors, commissions and costs in these investments.

  Show us the money!  ​   This is not your private piggy bank.


Proposed Legislation, 2018
Danger  – Danger – Danger.  It is now being discussed that gl will vote on some legislation that is just not popularly received, on Wednesday.  Most voting members arrive in AC on Thursday, so the gm wants to vote on Wednesday when very few are present.  Does this sound like “fair dealing” with Masons?  

Title Four, Article VII, Section 5, Part (a), b), (d), & (g) Time for Election and Reporting.  This has failed, massively, before.  Deals with moving Lodge elections and installations to March of each year, from the traditional December dates.  Why?  The gl is suppose to support Lodges, Lodges are not run just to honor gm’s.  This takes the grandeur of being elected and installed as WM or an officer, and realigns it to honor the incoming gm.  Let the Lodges do their own thing and celebrate and rejoice in their successes.  Gl should honor Lodges, not the other way around.  This is the legislation that is being proposed to be voted on on Wednesday, so YOU will have no say. Go Wednesday and VOTE NO

Title Four, Article XI, Section 7, Part 1.  Trials.  Gl wants you to move your entire Lodge to Trenton for any trial, and transport all interested members, witnesses, evidence, etc. at your expense solely for a tape recording of the proceedings?  Ridiculous.   VOTE NO

Title Four, Article XI, Section 4, Part 3.  Discovery.  Excellent, VOTE YES

This legislation MUST be DEFEATED, unless the phrase "and only the income thereof shall be expanded" is added back into the proposed legislation in Section I, Part 1. If passed in its current form the Grand Lodge Trustees would be able to spend the principle of our Permanent Fund. You might remember our Lodge Trustees attempted to pass legislation last year that would allow them to be flexible with our Permanent Fund. That legislation was soundly defeated. Do not believe for a minute that the legislation is just "house cleaning" as one of our Trustees stated in one of our Grand Master's Town Hall meetings. Our Permanent Fund must remain permanent. VOTE NO

I have read the candidates statements and talked with several of them.  Amazingly, one of the candidates for JGW has not even read the Constitution or By-laws and is making unrealistic proposals.  These, then, are my choices for the contested offices:

          JGW                        David Tucker, Atlantic Lodge

          GL Trustee            Daniel Nemcek, Medford Lodge
          MCF                       Brian Hartel, Sr.;  George Bruynell;  Brian Mandel;  Leonard Vander Horn

                               Don’t just MAKE A DIFFERENCE, make NJ GL BETTER, TOO.

​DEMAND THIS PROPOSED LEGISLATION!  >>>    Propsed Legislation-2016-with signatures.pdf


​This is the site:  see entire Federal Forms submitted by GL of NJ, John Ryan, showing ASSESSMENTS NOT PAID THROUGH AT LEAST FY2015, ending April 2016, as filed April, 2017.

go to the bottom of the page for the form 990’s.
The Constitution requires that the GL Budget, the Auditor’s Report and all Financial Statements be published on the GL Web Site every year by November 30th.  Where are these disclosures?  Publishing them would answer many questions, including the payment of all Assessments!  If there were paid, where did the money come from?  So far, we have been told the money was just found.  Really?  What does it say about our accounting and our auditors if we could misplace ONE MILLION TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS?  Come on, grand line, you have to make up better stories than this…   Is gl broke and going bankrupt???​  Why are we buying diamonds?


Mr. >25%.  He was elected into the line as jgw by a lie and now rules by lying.  Dieter won less than 25% of the vote, but Mr. Dorworth declared him the winner by secret election.  Now Dieter claims that viewing this site will cause tons of junk mail to come your way.  What a lie.  Over 28,000 hits to date and not one piece of junk, or other, mail has come to anyone reading or responding to this site.  It is impossible to know who is reading any site when you do not log on to read it, and no one logs on here, this is a public access site.  Clicking on a link to read more information here does not expose you in anyway.  A gm who lies – what else is new? They must really think the few of us remaining in NJ GL are very stupid.

​The gl started their rapid decent when Mr. Wilson destroyed the largest and richest lodge in NJ, with the urging of Mr. Berman.  That lodge went from over 1,500 members to under 70 today, is broke, and lost their building.  Since Mr. Sharp graced us with his "magic flute" we have lost over 25% of our membership.  This nonsense of "the gm can do whatever he wants" is demonstratively killing this fraternity.  Demand the proposed legislation and vote to return us to the LEGAL CONSTITUTION.

 Propsed Legislation  >>>  Propsed Legislation-2016-with signatures.pdf

The letter discussed below was sent on LaFayette Lodge letterhead and under the signature of the lodge secretary. The gm of NJ now claims it was sent brother to brother and not by a lodge officer.  You can't have it both ways.  It was sent to me because a PM of that lodge found it offensive for Freemasons to be campaigning as if endorsed by their lodge.  Did the lodge pay to have it mailed and delivered?


Recently a letter circulated in Brothers Holts district campaigning for his election.  Masons do not campaign.  While we do encourage each candidate to discuss his background and his proposals in select and joint forums, and while there to discuss any ideas to advance the craft if elected, we do not campaign.  Brother Holt has demonstrated in his presentations that he has either not read, or chooses to ignore, the NJ GL Constitution in his proposals.  I don’t know if Brother Holt sent or encouraged the sending of this campaign literature, but at the least he should discredit it and ask the sender to print a retraction of the campaign notice.  In free speech, everyone is allowed to disclose their preferences, if they so choose, but every Mason should be able to make his own choices without any interference, or campaign advertisement.  We are distinctly non-political.  If Brother Holt sent these out, or encouraged others to send them out, he should immediately disqualify himself from the election for truly un-masonic conduct.​ Even more disturbing, the letter was sent on lodge stationary by the lodge secretary, as if electioneering was endorsed by the lodge!

See the gl budget, pgm's diamond jewel going from $10,000 to $25,000?   Also, in the Operating Budget the pass through accounts for the Trenton Temple Assessment have been changed to show the assessment as Revenue, not as a pass through income and expense item, as was previously reported in the budgets.  This fancy footwork hides the real operating loss of $41,987 for the year 2018-2019, and $18,010 for the year 2017-2018.  Very cleaver... deceitful, but cleaver.  Doesn't the constitution require a balanced budget??  NOTE: After further investigation, we have discovered that $15,000 additional money for the pgm jewel was for the purchase of future use diamonds and may be reflected in "inventory". 

The grand secretary, John Ryan, has reported, without any verification, that David Chase, pgm, has died on March 5th.
                          HE DID NOT.  
This level of incompetence and insensitivity demands his immediate resignation! 
Can you imagine the grief announcing his death while he still clung to life has caused Mrs. Chase and the family?

During this last year, NJ gl had a net loss of 1,400 members.  Again, out of 18,500 members at the start of the year, more than 1,400 have decided to walk away.  Many with disgust for gl.  See all of the reasons just below.

Your gl now wants to present and sell new legislation, when the only legislation that really matters is the proposed legislation they won’t even let you vote on, legislation that returns us to the real, approved, legal Constitution of NJ Grand Lodge.

  Read it here, because you’ll never see it with Deiter or Dorworth

                      >>>                             Propsed Legislation-2016-with signatures.pdf

I have found the secret.  I have researched the solution to help Freemasonry turn itself around and grow and prosper again.  Other organizations have found it, too; including lodges in other jurisdictions. It will be presented in full when NJ Freemasonry is ready to grow again.  When will that be?  When enough members are willing to stand up, demand and vote for the proposed legislation to return us to the Constitution. Under the illegal landmarks, we have to perish, so there could be no solution.

​​I was not alive when the Anti-Masonic Party and the Morgan Affair caused many lodges to close and many, many members to leave the fraternity.  But I have been here as NJ freemasonry has slipped into darkness, and marches into the muck.  The nonsensical interpretation of the “landmarks” started with the Dan Wilson year, spurred on during the Bill Berman years, and has beaten the fraternity into near oblivion by the worst of them all, Glenn Trautmann, Gregg Trautmann and Kevin Colquhoun . 

Walt Kaulfers brought back a convicted pedophile just to make a ridiculous point to the courts (which the court rejected immediately), and then he lied to us about that.  See his signed notarized affidavit below, and his letter to the craft claiming he did no such thing, also attached.  The only thing that saved us from this “pedophile member” was his choice to disappear and his lack of interest. 

John Ryan directed us, against the will and advice of the Trustees, to buy a white elephant of a building in
Trenton that we didn’t need and cannot afford.  He also overspent his budget.

Every gm, except for two, from Wilson on have overspent their budgets and our income, and taken money from serious committed programs to throw themselves parties.  Every one has taken money from dedicated assessments and important programs, to spend on frivolous entertainment and self-aggrandizements.  Now Dieter Hees has done nothing, nothing at all to enrich the fraternity, except to rewrite the petitions for memberships and affiliations in a way that guarantees professionals and successful businessmen will never petition for membership in this NJ society, and which violate the NJ GL Constitution.

I love this fraternity, at least the one I joined years ago.  It will only return when we return to the NJ GL Constitution and By-Laws, and stop working under the “BIG LIE”, that the NJ landmarks are real and not just a fictional part of our legion.  The gm cannot do whatever he pleases. No one is above the law. A separate corporation cannot take our money and spend it themselves without the memberships’ advice and consent.  GL has lost every trial in the NJ courts when they have tried to act under the “landmarks”.  They only succeed by browbeating others with the threats of suspensions, expulsions and law suits, and the enticements of a “fools’ gold” collar.  They have never, never never won any lawsuit in NJ courts with their ridiculous arguments of “landmarks”.  They rule by bullying. 

There are many outstanding, gifted and dedicated masons in NJ; but this gl is decaying from the top down.

Wilson, Berman, Dorworth, Sharp and Trautmann have directly and personally caused hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of members to quit this fraternity in disgust, and have soured their families and acquaintances against NJ freemasonry.   We can only survive and grow under our constitution.  We are a society of laws, not whims!  Support and demand the legislation to return us to the Constitution.

See the proposed legislation here, legislation that the gm WILL NOT bring to the floor for your vote:

            Read the proposed legislation here...   ...>>>          Propsed Legislation-2016-with signatures.pdf

See you in Atlantic City, my brother.

While this paper represents my opinions, every statement is backed by the facts, and every fact is presented in original documentation below and herein.

Deiter Hees has just slipped into the dark ooze of the worst gm’s.

Legislation passed at the last gl session in Atlantic City requires the gm and Treasurer to disclose the financial statements and budget information of gl annually to our membership by November 30th of each year.  It is in our constitution and has been voted and demanded by our members in gl.  This is not an option.  We have a right to know where our money is and how it is being spent.  Except this information is a “big secret”.  Much as our membership numbers are a “big secret”. And the Ashler Fund is a “big secret”.

Why bother with the expense of a party for some in Atlantic City if the gm will simply choose to ignore any vote and our constitution?  When I joined I swore an oath to the gl constitution.  I guess the gm is relieved of his oath because ????  WHY??  

Members are bailing out in droves because of this criminality.  Hidden money, no accountability, reckless abandonment of the NJ gl constitution and its’ by-laws, irrational suspensions and expulsions based on whims, and supporting known crooks within our ranks.   

Read the actual Legislation and requirements here ... >> 229th Annual Communnication Legislation-Transparancy (1).pdf

John McNaughton is absolutely right, he understands NJ grand lodge ... read here >>    Illustrious John Wm. Mc Naughton.docx

Absolutely, the individual is lost.  (Animal Farm - All of the Animals are equal, but the Pigs {i.e. gl} are more equal ) is the new ongoing standard.  This also shows in the Feast of Saint John Banquet, where 150 are suppose to support the feeding at the troth of 500, and if the 350 are not cared for, they will abandon you and the fraternity.

The most important person in the fraternity is the White Apron Brother - not a pgm, or rw or even the gm.  gl does not understand this, and so many people run for gm to see what they can get out of the chair.  Too many are making money out of the fraternity. 

There really isn't a lot to save in NJ Freemasonry today, and the clock keeps ticking.

In Freemasonry, TRUTH is its' center.

Without the foundation, the building cannot stand.

​YOU are a second class “BROTHER”.

In a state where hundreds have been suspended or expelled for
Imagined “disrespect” to a gm, a Trautmann can steal and be
Condemned by the NJ Supreme Court, and still be a NJ mason ??

All the brothers are equal, but a Trautmann is more equal.
Are They  our first class "brothers" ??  

" Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter "
​ ​"A man dies when he refuses to stand up for that which is right. 
A man dies when he refuses to stand up for justice.
A man dies when he refuses to take a stand for that which is true."

​Martin Luther King, Jr.

How can the GM ignore Gregg Trautmann when he steals from a church and children? 

How can he be called a "brother" in our fraternity?

 Bullies love to attack the weak and take from the innocent.  Does this thief represent GL?

Why is Gregg Trautmann still a NJ freemason?
                            He disgraces each and every one of us, and makes GL much less Grand.

​Demand that we follow our MM obligation to the NJ GL Constitution
​not the disgraced, made-up "landmarks"
​Demand the proposed Legislation by brought up and voted on in April!

The Trautmanns (Gregg and Glenn), Gerry Sharpe, David Dorworth, Anthony Montuori, and Kevin Colquhoun sued the Lone Ranger to shut him up.  He has a way of discovering the hidden secrets gl just doesn’t want you to know.  The dubious Ashler Fund, the missing assessment payments, the reclaimed pedophile, secret deals and dark agendas… Now the tables shall be turned – the Lone Ranger has subpoenaed all of the records of all transactions and actions of the Ashler Fund, gl budgets, tax returns, corporate filings, meeting minutes, audits and other documents which could uncover any improper actions of gl.  What shall he discover?  Or will the gm try to squash this quest also?  How dare the Lone Ranger ask for the secrets of transgressions NJ masons should not ask about!

Why do they pursue truth seekers, and ignore those who steal from a church, a client and her grandchildren?

              How could Gregg Trautmann still be a mason???   Even more NPDs !!!


gl is increasing our assessments!  Surprise, when Acacia Lumberton Manor was sold the proceeds were suppose to reduce our assessments; now we are told they are going up again, this time by $2.50 a member a year.  What?  The money from the sale was promised to go into the permanent fund and the interest was to be used to reduce our assessments, but the $7,000,000 plus was hidden into the ​Ashler Fund and is being privately spent, without any notification or approval from us! Now they want even more money from us?  Where are our millions of dollars gl stashed away?       WHY DO WE PUT UP THIS ??? ​         Now even more NPDs !!!


gl and its' advisors try to silence truth speakers with intimidation.  They think if they can't hide and obscure the truth, they can threaten any who present documented facts.  The courts disagree.  See these two "free speech" cases.     and

Intimidation is not how masons should treat masons, intimidation is not "fair dealing"---see MM obligation.  see "Legal Ethics"

This is how the rest of the world deals with misappropriating charity funds:

NJ gl doesn't even apologize.   And, our gm doesn't understand why so many are going NPD?


Do you really thinkour Grand Lodge will be "transparent" as the legislation requires, or will a Grand Master use illegal "landmark" 3 to not do as the legislation mandates? Time will tell won't it!          Click here to view:   229th Annual Communnication Legislation-Transparancy (1).pdf


Supreme Court finds Trautmann SCHEMING AND DECEITFUL (this is a Mason??)...  click here>>     Tammy Jean Boyd-Trautmann.PDF


​​​​​​The crack in the dam…

Gregg Trautmann was the lawyer who argued for the nonsense of the “landmarks” in court, that the gm could do anything he pleased, had no obligation to follow the legal NJ GL Constitution and he and gl owed no obligation of fair dealing to the brothers and members of this fraternity, a legal NJ Corporation. His opinion and similar opinions of gl lawyers has lost every time in NJ courts, including the NJ Supreme Court.  This was the first real big crack in the dam that supports gl responsibility, dignity and integrity. 

The pgm dorworth proposed the idea that gl monies could be moved to a private corporation (the Ashler Fund) and spent without any accounting, or reporting to gl or the corporations’ members, at their whim for any project or idea, or anything else.  The next big crack in the dam…

Many gms faked their budget with reckless spending by not paying the approved and designated assessments to several interests, including DeMolay and Rainbow, spending the money on whatever they pleased, and then lying about the payments to the fraternity.  They even tried to lie about the payments after the IRS filing records were exposed for all to see, and they may still be lying about these payments as they tried to increase the assessments. Another huge crack in the dam…


The pgm's trautmann and dorworth suspended and expelled hundreds of worthy Brothers, without trials or indictments, on their own whim as "bigshots". Just to feel important.  A huge crack in the dam...

The pgm klaufers tried to reinstate a convicted pedophile back into the fraternity simply to make a point in court, which he knew was a lie, and then lied about doing it!  Another big crack in the dam…

Gregg Trautmann looted hundreds of thousands of dollars from a client, her church, and her grandchildren, and now the current gl attorney, the elected line and the current gm want to do nothing about it, because they say it is just not a big deal.  Not only another crack, but the dam is about to burst!

Glenn Trautmann, the gl attorney and others set Gregg Trautmann loose to use and abuse the NJ court system to try to intimidate the Lone Ranger into stopping his exposure of the gms’ and gls’ malfeasance and incompetence in office, how many are treating the assets of gl as their own piggybank, and the incredible damage they are causing to this great fraternity.  Why did he pursue the Lone Ranger when he knew he was about to be disbarred or suspended?  What is he, and others, trying so hard to hide from us that they would spend many tens of thousands of dollars of money and time to cover up? Another crack...


Gregg Trautmann listed himself as an Estate Attorney.  It would be very smart for gl to offer a review, by independent lawyers outside of the fraternity, of all wills prepared in the Masonic Home and to all Brothers who used a gl attorney for wills and probate.  Damages could be enormous if attorneys referred by gl did not perform properly. A crack in the dam that could flood out the country!

How big is the next crack in the dam???         We have to repair the integrity dam NOW!

DEMAND THE PROPOSED LEGISLATION ​              click here:        Propsed Legislation-2016-with signatures.pdf
See below for full documentation and proofs of all statements and dastardly evil deeds, shown here.​


​​​​​The fox in the hen house…  

Gregg D. Trautmann, an attorney and advisor to our grand lodge, has agreed that he sold assets from his clients to his wife at a preferred price, substantially below market value, without the client’s permission or knowledge, in effect, in our opinion, stealing from his clients for his own gain. He stole from a local church and his clients' grandchildren, and only confessed and returned the stolen loot after he was caught. The NJ Supreme Court has suspended him from the practice of law for at least six months, and he is still responsible for restitution. 


According to the article in Law 360 below, an Attorneys' News Service, Gregg D. Trautmann stole $389,000 from a dead woman's estate, for whom he had sworn fiduciary responsibility and honor, and from the local church and the decedents' grandchildren. Much as he has convinced NJ gl that they do not have to be fair or honorable with their membership, he is not fair or honorable in his professional life. His obligation and oath as a lawyer means as little to him as his obligation as a Mason.  He is not my brother, and he will never be welcome in my lodge.

This is the Gregg Trautmann who is the brother and legal advisor to the most infamous gm in NJ history.  Gregg argued before the courts, and to his brother Glenn as gm, that the members of the fraternity never deserved fair treatment from Grand Lodge, and that the gm could always do as he pleased.  I guess the Supreme Court didn’t buy that argument in regard to his clients’ assets. 

Glenn Trautmann suspended or expelled far too many outstanding and honorable members of this fraternity on his whim, members who never stole or discredited this society.  All based on Gregg Trautmann’s legal advice, and Glenn Trautmann’s inhumanity and bullying philosophy. 

That advice was wrong (as shown in many outcomes and verdicts in NJ courts), and now the Supreme Court of NJ has shown that attorney Trautmann also lacks honor in his dealings with his clients.   

Whatever should a current gm do?  Maybe all of the brothers and past members who were harmed by Gregg and Glenn should bring Masonic Charges against them in their lodge, for disgracing the Fraternity, violating their oaths of fair treatment of all others, and Gregg D. Trautmann standing convicted in the Supreme Court of NJ.    How many brothers did Glenn suspend or expel based on an indictment, and then never reinstated when the charges were dismissed? 

What will our gm do?  Probably nothing. 

The fox is still in the hen house.


See the judgement against Gregg D. Trautmann, Denville, NJ here….              SC ORDER (6 MONTH SUSPENSION).PDF


NJ Estate Atty Suspended For Selling Client's Home To Wife

By Jeannie O'SullivanLaw360, Trenton (July 14, 2017, 7:02 PM EDT) -- The New Jersey Supreme Court on Thursday handed down a six-month suspension to an estate attorney who admitted to ethics authorities that he sold the home of a late client to his wife for below market value.
   The justices’ decision to strip Gregg D. Trautmann of his license to practice law for half a year — a discipline he consented to — followed the recommendation of the state’s Disciplinary Review Board.
The DRB noted that although Trautmann had an “unblemished career spanning 23 years, the aggravating factors, including his calculated scheme to shamelessly benefit by his representation and subsequent death of his client, outweigh that unblemished history.”
   The DRB’s decision was rendered in May and the high court entered its order Wednesday. 
The discipline addressed charges that Trautmann failed to set forth a basis or rate of fee in writing, engaged in a conflict of interest, entered into a prohibited business transaction with a client, and carried out conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation.
   A message seeking comment from Trautmann wasn’t immediately returned Friday.
Ethics authorities began investigating when they received a complaint in May 2015 alleging that Trautmann sold his wife property belonging to the estate of Roberta Berry for substantially less than fair market value and that he had failed to notify the remainder beneficiary, St. Mary’s Church in Denville, New Jersey, of its interest in the estate.
   Trautmann prepared Berry’s last will and testaments, executed in July 2009, May 2011 and August 2012, and had been administering the Berry estate as both counsel and executor, according to the decision. Berry, who died at 82 in December 2014, paid Trautmann for his legal services, although the attorney never communicated in writing to Berry the rate or basis of his fees, the decision said.
Berry’s will specified that the executor had to retain the services of an appraiser with a specific professional designation to determine the fair market value of her Denville residence, the decision said. The proceeds of the home’s sale were to go to St. Mary’s Church.
Trautmann got three estimates — one of which wasn’t from a designated appraiser — and averaged the figures to arrive at $180,000 as the purchase price, the decision said. He was aware the tax-assessed value of the property was $407,800, according to the decision.
Trautmann never conferred with St. Mary’s Church about the price, nor had he previously informed the client or the church about his interest in purchasing the property, the decision said.
   The complaint also alleged Trautmann never identified the person whom Berry wanted to control her funeral, and moved for and was granted control of the arrangements himself. He also failed to ascertain the whereabouts of Berry’s closest relatives, her grandchildren, according to the decision.
   Trautmann ended up returning the property to the estate after the church learned of the sale of the home to his wife and the grievance was filed, the decision said. The church later entered into a $569,000 sale of the home following a bidding war.
Ethics authorities considered the aggravating factor that Trautmann has specialized knowledge in estate administration.
In mitigation, ethics authorities acknowledged that Trautmann has a clean ethics history and admitted to his misconduct. Further,    Berry wasn’t injured during her lifetime, and because Trautmann returned the property upon the filing of the grievance, the church wasn’t financially harmed, the decision said.
   Ethics authorities had previously called for a reprimand, but the DRB denied that motion in May 2016 and remanded the matter for expansion of the discipline range or for further proceedings.
Counsel information for the parties was unavailable.
The case is In the Matter of Gregg Douglas Trautmann, An Attorney at Law, docket number DRB 17-088, in the New Jersey Supreme Court.

--Editing by Alanna Weissman.


​​​​​​​​​​Wonderful news!  The bullies at gl are at it again, but this time they are shooting themselves in the foot.  Their collective wisdom decided to sue the Lone Ranger (LR) to expose his identity. The suit claims the LR is slandering gl, and disclosure of the facts of the case will prove this to be nonsense.  Every statement and disclosure from the LR is fully supported with printed documentation and proof.  There are no allegations without demonstrated proofs.  The bullies at gl, however, want to continue to cover their misdeeds in darkness and simply claim the disclosures are lies.  The proofs and documentations from the LR are there for all to see. We will all soon be able to see the waste and incompetence of an unauthorized, unapproved, non-reviewed, secret spending of our money by members who were never elected or qualified by the membership to secretly control millions of dollars of our money.  It is the opinion of this writer that the Lone Ranger, in risking his own membership, time and money, in exposing the dangers of the obnoxious “landmarks”, and the abuses uncontrolled power can, and are, bringing to the fraternity, is a true Masonic and American Hero and should be thanked, honored and respected by all good Masons.  It is time to stand up and demand that we operate under the approved Constitution, and not some made-up unapproved “landmarks”.


​   I guess the most disturbing truth in the entire ”landmarks” affair, is that the grand masters and legal advisors know that they are lying to the craft and treating many brothers unfairly.  Not only is this a gross violation of the obligations we all took at the alter to be fair in our dealings with other Masons, but they know there is no basis in law for this trash.  As you can see in the Rutledge case (attached below), gl argued that the gm could not “do as he pleases” at will, now they claim he can.  In two separate court decisions (both attached below), including one at the NJ Supreme Court, and one with a NJ lodge, gl completely lost the argument that the “landmarks” govern the fraternity.  This is a NJ Corporation legally governed under the voted, approved and accepted Constitution of GL.  Our gm’s also know that they can bully at will simply because it costs so much to fight GL in the courts.  While every court decision proves that the “landmarks” have no validity, gl knows that the court fight to overturn them could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Grand Lodge has never won in a court decision regarding the “landmarks”, but in fact has lost every case every time (at our expense).  Do we elect Grand Masters who walk in the footsteps of King Solomen, or just lying, cheating, abusing, self-serving bullies? 

NJ Freemasonry can grow and thrive under the Constitution, but will surly fail under the bullying “landmarks”.  No NJ court or other Grand Jurisdiction in the whole world accepts this nonsense.  Demand the proposed Legislation (see below) to remove these “landmarks” every time you see or talk with the gm, or dgm, or sgw or jgw; or any future candidates for elected line office.


​​​Received from a friend in the craft:
​​My Brother,

When Grand Lodge Legal Counsel Kevin F. Colquhoun tries to defend the illegitimate dominance of New Jersey Landmarks 3 & 7 over our Grand Lodge Constitution & By-Laws, he invariably resorts to the case of Rutledge v Gulian (1983).

This case was about a Grand Master (Rutledge), who, according to the charges against him, was found guilty of misappropriation of funds while his was Grand Master and finally suspended from the fraternity after a trial. The truth is that the case proves New Jersey Landmark 3, which states, in part, that the Grand Master is not responsible for his acts as Grand Master is of no effect and New Jersey’s so-called “landmark” 3 in invalid.

He argues that the New Jersey Supreme Court had upheld New Jersey’s so-called “landmarks” in a Supreme Court ruling. This is just not true. He has been getting away with it until now because he assumed that no one will actually read the case’s transcript. As you read below, you will plainly see that nothing is further from the truth.

The New Jersey Supreme Court’s only concern was whether Rutledge’s treatment was “fundamentally fair”.

Note: The entire transcript is attached at the end of this article for your convenience.

These are the three key provisions:


OVERVIEW: Plaintiff, a former Grand Master Mason, filed suit against defendants, a Masonic organization and members, seeking an order vacating his suspension from the Masons, reinstatement, and damages for loss of income as a lawyer caused by the suspension. The trial court ordered reinstatement and enjoined defendants from imposing punishment by creation of a special tribunal or by any procedure other than as prescribed in the Masonic Code of Trials (Code). The trial court also found that a provision of the Masonic code allowing the suspension of plaintiff without prior hearing was contrary to public policy. The appellate court modified and affirmed, finding that the plaintiff’s suspension pending imposition of punishment did not violate the Code or offend public policy. The state supreme court granted defendants’ petition for certification and denied plaintiff’s cross-petition. Plaintiff’s membership was not subject to interference. Weighing the competing interests of the parties, it was determined that the suspension and the creation of a special punishment tribunal were not fundamentally unfair. The judgement was reversed and remanded for entry of judgement for the defendants.


The Supreme Court recognized that New Jersey’s “Landmark” 8 contradicts New Jersey’s “Landmark” 3 as you can see below:

Turning to Rutledge’s perturbation over the specially created Lodge of Judgement, we note that it is far from clear that the [**686] Grand Master could create such a panel, for Landmark 8, which may not be suspended, subjects “[e]very Mason, for Masonic purposes *** to the jurisdiction of the lodge within whose jurisdiction he resides.” On the other hand, Landmark 3 permits the Grand Master to convene a lodge at any time, to create lodges by his warrant, and to arrest the warrant of any lodge. At trial, Rutledge controverted the defendant’ evidence that a Lodge of Judgement was permissible under Masonic Law.


The Supreme Court also stated that the Court would intervene on any procedures that were fundamentally unfair as you can plainly see from the excerpt below:

Given the difficulty that courts would encounter in attempting to interpret Masonic Law, cf. Higgins, 51 N.J. at 202 (“courts ordinarily not to intrude upon areas of associational decision involving specialized knowledge”), judicial intrusion should be confined to procedures that are fundamentally unfair. We find no such unfairness in subjecting a former Grand Master to a special Lodge of Judgement. It is not claimed that such a Lodge is biased; in fact, the Masons created it to ensure impartiality. Additionally, [***19] the peace and harmony that the Masons intended to preserve in punishing Rutledge would be jeopardized should a local lodge assume jurisdiction over what are essentially affairs of the Grand Lodge. On the other hand, Rutledge has shown no compelling reason for having his local lodge sentence him. Accordingly, we refuse to invalidate the Lodge of Judgement.

The case for removing Landmarks 3 & 7 is now complete. However, they will not go away by themselves. We must finally elect a brother who will do it when he gets to be Grand Master. Do we currently have such a brother in the Elected Line? He will have to start by appointing a new Grand Lodge Legal Counsel who holds our Constitution & By-Laws as the sole governing body of New Jersey Freemasonry.

Will our Deputy Grand Master be up to the job when it is his turn to rule or will he be cowed into permitting the sad abuses of our rights to continue?

When will a Grand Master appoint a Grand Lodge Legal Counsel that believes we ALL must uphold our Grand Lodge Constitution and Laws? Who will be willing to put the good of New Jersey Freemasonry above the lust for absolute personal power? We sure hope that someone happens soon.

Sincerely and fraternally,
A concerned New Jersey FREEmason.


See the entire court opinion here:   Rutledge vs. Gulian (1).pdf


Dieter Hees appears to be trying new things to revitalize NJ Freemasonry, and hats off to him if they work.  The realty however is that we are suffering from a fatal cancer, one that is eating away at our heart and our soul.  You know this cancer as the “landmarks”, of which some are unconstitutional, others are un-masonic, they violate your MM oath, and several are just impossible.    As long as these “landmarks” are not corrected to those accepted by virtually every other jurisdiction on the earth, we will continue to crumble and fall.  Only NJ “landmarks” states the gm can do whatever he wants to do.  No one else in the masonic world agrees.

  Another brother wrote to me and expressed his thoughts:   “What I've seen in my short Masonic career is that the spirit of Freemasonry died many years ago and is lost among the fish fries and what Masons call charity work. Meanwhile Masons talk up a storm about how they are something deep and different yet I don't see any difference between Masons, Elks, Moose, et. al.  - neither do those new Masons that quit as soon as they join.”   Brothers willing to try new ideas and inspire, run the risk of angering the establishment, and being suspended or expelled without any charges, trials or review.

  As long as these obscene “landmarks” exist, many intelligent men will recluse themselves from the fraternity in NJ.  Our “landmarks” are the rules of school-yard bullies; and our fraternity is being run by bullies as advisors.  Why do you tolerate this?  Surly you understand that some day your time will come to face these bullies, and facing this third degree, you will be standing alone!  Demand that we restore the constitution and masonic law to NJ Freemasonry!   gl knows that they will lose any court trial on "landmarks 3&7", at least following the Warren Lodge verdict, they also know it is very expensive to bring the question to court.  They will bully you forever until you demand better.

No more bullies!



On the obscene NJ landmarks, and the damage they have inflicted on so many Brothers; and while he was talking about a much more serious disgrace than the gl of NJ Freemasonry, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said:

                                                      "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."

Stand up for the constitution!   Stand up for the real Freemasonry!  Demand the correction of the disgraced "landmarks".

Your silence has been too loud...


The more things change, the more they stay the same. Dieter Hees hasn't been gm for a week yet he is now joining the other "money hunters". Hees has sent a letter to all of the current Worshipful Masters telling them to complete the “Lodge Continued Excellence" questionnaire and surrender it to gl.  See the entire form here:  Survey on-line copy Double sided_2016.11.22.pdf .  Similar to the form submitted by the g/sec.; the  gm knows all of the answers asked on the form except for the questions relating to the lodges' moneys.  He wants to know HOW MUCH MONEY AND ASSETS DO YOU HAVE, ​ AND WHERE IS IT ALL HIDDEN??  ​ HE ALSO WANTS TO KNOW HOW WEAK YOUR LODGE IS...   The gl obviously wants to take and spend your lodges' money instead of leaving it in the community where it all came from, and where it really belongs.  A WM would have to be foolish to surrender this information.  The Warren Lodge Case, printed in full below, establishes that the gl does NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO TAKE A LODGES' PROPERTY. Lodges can, and should form holding associations to own their real property.  Again, see the Warren Lodge complete settlement below, where gl agrees that it is limited and cannot do "whatever it pleases".  Ask your licensed NJ attorney for his opinion on the Warren Lodge Settlement.


Sure it was our money, but we are just kids and the grownups should spend our money as they chose...    Gerry Sharpe said to Grand Lodge 2017: "The Grand Lodge of New Jersey Ashlar Fund, Inc. is a private corporation" Our money, from the sale of our property, with a promise to place the money into the Perminant Fund of Grand Lodge, illegally transfered into a "private corporation without a GL vote", and now a whole bunch of lies and a private slush fund for a few to play around with.  We don't even get any reports on what is happening with our money.  Outraged yet?  No one brought up the required legislation to correct this disgrace!  Why? Why? Why?


             Tonto has an opinion of this fund .......................................  Summary of the Sale of Acacia Lumberton Manor and On (1).docx


THE LEGISLATION:                                                                                                       Proposed Legislation-2016-with signatures.pdf

just point and click the underlined to print and distribute at will  


  Sometime in the future, maybe sooner rather than later, another ill-tempered immature ego-maniac lunatic, in the mold of a troutmann or dorworth, will again be elected a gm in this state.  With the existing interpretations of the landmarks, he will be free to run roughshod over our Brothers and again chase hundreds from the fraternity, like wilson and troutmann and dorworth before him.  Our incoming DGM should be aware that with his propensity for speaking his mind, he is dead center in the bulls-eye for the next "user and abuser".  First things first, correct the landmarks with the proposed legislation, second, get rid of the current lawyers and advisors who are out for profit or ego or reputation, and are just destroying this organization.


Otherwise, enjoy seeing old and new friends at the convention.  Stand up and demand that the legislation by brought up and vote to approve it.  If you don't demand it, it will never happen and many others will be trampled upon in the future, including this fraternity itself.  Don't believe those who say they will follow the constitution, but will do nothing about the landmarks.


I have selected my candidates for gl office.  Not always because they are the best, but they are the best while excluding the worst, and some are just outstanding:

Junior Grand Warden-         Robert V. Monacelli
Grand Lodge Trustee-         Brian H. Blades
                                                George A. Olsen                       
Historic Trenton Temple-   George A. Chidley, IV
                                               Raymond E. Foose
                                               Richard E. Schultz


Tonto has important thoughts:             The Last Straw-1.docx


From a friend of the craftsmen - Three current Grand Lodge Scandals:                  Acacia-Ashlar-Historic Trenton Temple.docx 


As you know, the Lone Ranger is at work, however, his friend, Tonto, would like to express his opinion:  Churney (1).docx


Every member of gl has a choice this year - we can demand that the proposed legislation be brought up and vote to accept it, or we can vote for the new gl motto:  

we were "Freemasonry, making good men better"  to now read "NJ Freemasonry, making good men spineless". 

Your voice matters, demand better - empower the constitution!


Last year, when the proposed legislation was not presented to the voting membership, gl promised, promised promised that it would be included in the legislative agenda this year.  Guess what?  Another lie.  We must be the "Rodney Dangerfield" of grand lodges.

                     Here is the proposed legislation -----------   Proposed Legislation-2016-with signatures.pdf


If you don't stand together and demand that it be brought up and fairly voted upon, it will never happen and all of the atrocities displayed in this blog will continue until we are no more.  A proud and caring  people just won't fund and put up with this nonsense.


Another reason gl is going broke:   Board of GL Trustees Report to GL-April, 2008.pdf  gl Trustees warned gl and john ryan, gm,  not to borrow to buy and "improve"  the Trenton Masonic Temple.  We could not afford it.  Ryan threw the report and vote away and personally signed the note to put us deeper into debt, which we cannot afford.  This is the same john ryan who now wants direct access into each lodges' checking account.  Govern yourselves accordingly.  The entire report is included because I am not the one who is lying to you. Go to the last paragraph of page 3 and read on.


A very good friend and member of the craft has submitted information on gl's latest attempt for access to and to take your lodge's funds, without a vote of the lodge.               

Click here for the proofs:  Rebutal to GL Computer Demands (2).docx


(from another friend and Brother)  My Brothers,
There seems to be a lot of confusion about how much money has been illegally withheld from the assessments we have been paying annually that are supposed to go to our charities by Past Grand Masters going back to 2001.
I received the following table that shows exactly how much money is involved.
If you want to go back to the original documents go to this public access website:
The reports are at the lower left corner of the page. Go to Schedule D, Part X. “Other Liabilities”  Also see:     GL 990 Assessments.pdf 


The grand lodge of NJ, the gm, and the lawyers for NJ gl have finally admitted, to the courts, in writing, in a Consent Judgement, signed by the Judge and gl lawyers, that they are and have been lying to the courts, the members of Warren Lodge, and all of the Masonic Brothers in NJ.  Their attempt has been to lie and bully each lodge into giving up their Temple Associations so grand lodge could close them and seize their money and property.  (As they did in 2004 and thereafter). As we know, gl is spending itself broke and is taking all of the money they can grab, from many sources.   They are also admitting that “the gm can do as he pleases” is a lie.  Every Lodge that has been forced to dissolve their Temple Associations can reform them and protect their assets for their communities, as originally intended.  Warren Lodge,  the Masonic Temple Association of Belvidere and their dedicated Attorney, James F. Moscagiuri deserve a huge appreciation for the grand fight they took on to protect us all from this sinful venture into evil and darkness.  The only remaining secrets in NJ Masonry are: what is gl doing with our money, how are they spending it, and how could they damage so many rightful Brothers unlawfully?   GL and the gm owe each Brother suspended or expelled unlawfully since 2004; each lodge forced to dissolve their Temple Association; Warren Lodge and each Brother thereof; all of the NJ Masons defrauded with their harebrained scheme to insist that “the gm can do what every he wants”; the “Lone Ranger”; and this writer, an apology, for grand lodges’ lying and deceitful actions.  Unlike the assertions of attorney Trautmann in open court, gl does owe each Mason fair dealing, to be treated fundamentally fairSee the entire settlement as filed in court at the bottom of this page.  See also the dishonest letters of gms’ Kaulfers, Sharp, and Montuori, who now admit that it is they who are the liars.  Every gm except for two in the last 14 years has overspent his budget and left a growing deficit. Every gl trustee in these years has allowed his gm to destroy the grand lodge, deficit by deficit. The current gm has told so many lies about me and the grand lodge, and about the Warren Lodge settlement and the Lone Ranger, that, now that the truth is out, it appears that he has dug his own grave. 

There is no honor in grand lodge and our leadership.

It is our obligation, and our duty, to insist that the legislation proposed herein below, be brought onto the floor of grand lodge in April and voted to approval.  Without a constitution, these lies will only continue.  We have spent hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees and costs to prove that gl is lying and that they must operate under the GL constitution and NJ Corporate law.  Don’t waste that money – this is a call to action to bring forth that legislation to a vote, and to approve it!


Every statement I have made, and every statement the "Lone Ranger" has made has been verified in writing and the proofs supplied to you.  You should notice that in the letters of the gm, no such proofs are provided, only baseless allegations.



It has been reported that the US Attorney’s office and the IRS have begun investigations into the Grand Lodge of New Jersey.  Money collected for charitable activities in our GL dues assessments by the GL has not been paid to the designated charities since at least 2004, but used for undisclosed, unrelated purposes.  Far worse, large sums of money from the sale of GL corporate property has been placed into a separate and private corporation, without a vote of the Grand Lodge membership (you and me), with no control or reporting to the Grand Lodge membership, and whose members don’t even get a say in who runs this corporation or how this money is spent.  GL money, in the millions, is in this private slush fund.

To read the proof on the assessments, go to this public access site:
It lists the Grand Lodge returns from 2002 thru 2015 at the bottom of the page. When you click 2015 Form 990 the entire return will come up. Go to page 11 and look at line 25 you will see that this “liability” is growing. To see who the money is owed, go down to the next section of the return. It is called Schedule D, Part X. Lines 2 - 6 . This is unbelievable, but there it is.

The GL has been under audit since at least the first week of January, with auditors occupying the GL building in Trenton.  Not only are they trying to prep and cover for the upcoming IRS and AG investigations, but they are trying to invent a cover story for you, the membership.  There seems to be a lot of crap to hide.  Is misdirecting charity funds just fraud, or is it embezzlement too?  The elected grand line and the trustees are personally responsible for any fraud or malfeasance in office. Just following orders so one can have a purple apron is not a defense. Remember that you voted to mandate these funds to specific charities, not to buy cars for four lucky guys or other spending.  If the designated organizations don't need the money, and they haven't received all for at least 15 years now, we should vote it off the dues collections and give it back to our membership.  This is not free money for the GM to use as his personal credit card.  Dues are already too high, and with the declining membership they are encouraging, will have to be raised quickly.  Are you enjoying the idea that the GM can do whatever he wants to do?  See the legislation below for a real honest cure.

Our Grand Masters have no business management experience, have no significant money management experience, and have personally never earned or controlled large sums of money, then they tell us they can do whatever they want to do with no repercussions, and then tell us the Constitution and By-laws of the New Jersey Grand Lodge have no meaning, they can do as they wish, based on illegitimate Landmarks.  It is no wonder so much has gone wrong in NJ Freemasonry. 

I was welcomed into this fraternity with friendship, fellowship and a lot of help from caring people.  No one travels this road alone.  Since 2004 this world of NJ Freemasonry has changed.  Somehow, the thought has developed that there shall be no discussion or disagreement in the fraternity, that the Constitution and By-Laws can be ignored, and that one person can rule at will, with no accountability for their actions.  That all shall obediently follow the whims and choices of the temporary leader and for a single year, he shall have all of his thoughts and desires instantly obeyed without question, or you, my lost, objecting brother, will be driven to the outside of the “gates of the city,”  and there abandoned for all time. I want my fraternity back.  The fraternity I joined had laws and rules.  The Brotherhood of Man respected all brothers, not just a few selected for their submission. 

How many hundreds of brothers have to be suspended or expelled without any trials or appeals, or even real charges; how many millions of dollars of our money have to be placed into a private slush fund and spent without any accounting to the fraternity; how many hundreds of thousands of dollars have to be wasted each year before we realize that our fraternity is being raped from the inside?  We have rules and laws and they are being ignored.  I prefer a brotherhood of peace and love, not one of hate and ego-lust.

Several Past Grand Masters, who really care for this fraternity, and several others equally concerned, have proposed legislation to restore order and respect to this chaos. It has been proposed for four years now, and yet has not seen the light of day at Grand Lodge by being brought up for a vote, or even discussion.  It has been hidden by lawyers and Grand Masters and committee heads who have no such right to deny the craft their vote on the matter.  David Dorworth, the Chairman of the By-Laws committee this year, who is also the PGM who helped create the Ashler Fund, which denied you any participation or oversight on YOUR money, and who as GM gleefully, and unlawfully, suspended many brothers for no valid reason,  now is trying to deny you the right to vote.  This entire web site has brought you so many examples of abuse; but you can change it this year at Grand Lodge and insist that this legislation be brought forth and voted on; and then vote to approve it, to restore order to OUR fraternity in New Jersey.  May God bless you all, and give us the strength to restore “this, that we all care about.”

New Legislation: Constitution and Laws - Annual Communication, 2017

Section 1. Powers of the Grand Lodge 
Part 1. Specified Powers. The Grand Lodge shall have power:
Deleting: Title III, Article III, Section 1, Part 1, (b)

(b) To establish a uniform mode of working throughout the jurisdiction, strictly adhering to the ancient landmarks, usages and customs of Masonry, which are on no account to be removed or violated.

To be replaced by: Title III, Article III, Section 1, Part 1, (b) To establish a uniform mode of working throughout the jurisdiction strictly adhering to the usages and customs of Masonry. However, it is understood that the Grand Lodge Constitution and By-Laws are the governing laws of the Grand Lodge of New Jersey. The Constitution and By-Laws shall not be overridden or ignored by any interpretations of any known or alleged landmark.


Our fraternity can have only one governing Rule of Law. Every Master Mason in this jurisdiction has knelt at the Altar of Freemasonry and swore to abide by the Constitution and By-Laws, General Regulations and Edicts of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of the State of New Jersey. This obligation is supreme to any and all subsequent obligation(s) taken afterwards. 

Our Grand Lodge is a legal New Jersey Corporation. The Trustees are bound by N.J. statute(s), not by any known or alleged landmarks. Many Grand Jurisdictions around the world have no landmarks. 

No mason, including our elected Grand Lodge representatives, has the authority to set aside his Master Mason Obligation and/or ignore the duly enacted Constitution and By-Laws of the New Jersey Grand Lodge. This is and must always be the one, the supreme and only governing law of our Craft.

It is in this respect, and for the preservation of this great fraternity, that we, the undersigned, recommend that the above legislation be adopted by this Grand Lodge.

Fraternally  submitted:

MW Edward R. Woods, PM Gothic-Fraternal Lodge #270
MW Leopold L. Otway, PM Palentine Lodge #111
MW Raymond P. Bellini, Sr., PM Phillipsburg Lodge #52
MW Harold Jennings, PM Williamstown Lodge #166
MW Robert L. Miller, PM Acacia Lodge #20
MW John M. Colligas, PM Raritan Valley Lodge #46
RW Moses Radwan, PM Highland Park Lodge #240
RW Constantin Chepurny, PM Mozart Lodge #121
RW George F. Gordon, PM Phillipsburg Lodge #52
RW Graham Yancolowitz, PM Lafayette Lodge #27
RW James J. O’Toole, PM Adoniram Lodge #80
WB David L. Lord, PM Taylor Lodge #141


​​​​FLASH : According to the public Federal Income Tax return, schedule D, ID#21-0454866 Grand Lodge is required to file, and which is open to public inspection online, for the Tax Year 2014, the latest year filed, GL DID NOT PAY  the assessments we paid to them to the Rainbow Girls, the DeMolay Boys, The Masonic Charity Foundation, the George Washington Masonic Memorial or the fees due to the Trenton Masonic Temple.  A total in the amount of $659,418  of the assessments we already paid to them over several years (starting in 2004) are not being paid as required.  Don't you wonder where your money is going???  And yet they ask for more  donations- are they spending us broke, or are we just stupid? Hope they are enjoying their free new cars (from our donations).



The only purpose of this site, since the very beginning, has been to correct the Landmarks

currently being represented in NJ to those approved by the Masonic Service Association

(MSA) and accepted by nearly every other Grand Lodge and Jurisdiction in the WORLD. 

NO ONE ELSE in the whole world accepts this nonsense of "the Grand Master can do whatever he pleases."

NJ Grand Lodge has a Constitution and By-laws and should operate strictly under these as voted

for and approved by the membership, as a legal NJ Corporation, and as sworn to in our obligation.


                                                And their dirty little secrets……


​The World She is'a Changing...

Things have changed since the advent and use of the internet.  Information.  All of the secrets about our degrees, passwords, methods of identification, and ceremonies are available online for all to see.  It may not be as exciting and impressive as going through the process yourself in real time and learning the beautiful ritual, but certainly all can witness our secrets.


You can also find information on court proceedings and rulings, corporate laws and rules, personal information, and so much more.  It is getting very hard to hide, and those trying to contrive a misdirected outcome can now be researched. 


Hiding behind the unapproved and unaccepted "landmarks" that a grand master can do whatever he pleases, we have gm's who have suspended or expelled hundreds of brothers for unsubstantiated nonsense, without any trials or appeals, seized several millions of dollars from our funds and now spend that money without review or approval, show up at masonic functions drunk and buy $400 bottles of wine with our money for himself and for personal gifts, drive in new cars bought "quietly" with our money, propose that the state has too many masons and could easily do with a lot fewer members and lodges (even though we are going broke with the membership we still have) and is working hard (and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars of our money from undisclosed accounts) to take the assets and money from individual lodges (although grand lodge put nothing into buying or furnishing these lodges), and so on and so on.


Where is all this going?  Unless the entire membership is like sheep - happy to be sheared, I don't see this ending well.  Members don't want to be abused, lodges belong in local towns and few will drive dozens and dozens of miles to attend a new lodge, and I doubt that that many will want to pay enhanced dues to carry the remaining burden of grand lodge.  Most lodges will support local needs before dissolving, thus spreading their local money to local needs, not grand lodges' fantasies.  There is a very strong argument that if Freemasonry is not acting like a fraternity, it should lose its' real estate tax exemption.  Dissolution by indifference?  Leadership incompetency?  Lots of other groups have disappeared when they thought themselves superior and invincible.  If the current gl leadership assemblage fights to the dirty end to preserve the indefensible nj "landmarks", I fear there will only be scraps left.  The brilliance of our fraternity is in the membership and the local lodges, in the friends we make, and in the memories we create.  What is the gain if you kill this?  I assure you, there will not be any money left to plunder; it will go to fines, lawyers and lawsuit settlements.  It will not reach your pockets.


What can be done?  Adopt the landmarks accepted by the Masonic Service Association (MSA).  Correct our bylaws to hold gm's accountable for their actions.  Expel by trial any grand master who has suspended or expelled any brother without a trial or right of appeal.  Free Warren lodge.  Allow all lodges to determine their own fate.  See the Legislative Amendment being proposed (for the 4th time) signed by 6 PGMs and 6 other PMs, in red just below.


See also the entire transcripts of the trials and certifications of mw Kaulfers and the gl's attorney, stating they have reinstated the pedophile.  When the judge discovered their attempted dishonesty, they withdrew the promise of reinstatement until the judge forces their hand, while it was always part of a plan to deceive the court and the fraternity. See the following transcripts at the end of this paper.


I have "no skin in this game."  I will gain nothing or lose nothing with the final resolution.  I only care because this fraternity meant something to my father and grandfather, and to me when I joined.  I see the damage and pain brought on to my fraternal brothers when they are suspended or expelled, for absolutely no reason, and without the guaranteed constitutional right of a trial and appeal.  ​Outstanding men of character, integrity and great ability, who now are lost to the fraternity.  Grand Master, you must understand the terrible physiological toll these actions are taking on your fellow masonic brothers.  Stop it now!


You state that you are the grand master and can always be found.  It takes a lot of help to uncover these truths and present this evidence, no one works alone.  Who am I?  Look over your shoulder, gm, you will always see me, I can always be found, too.


New Legislation: Constitution and Laws - Annual Communication, 2016
Section 1. Powers of the Grand Lodge
Part 1. Specified Powers. The Grand Lodge shall have power:

Deleting: Title III, Article III, Section 1, Part 1, (b)

(b) To establish a uniform mode of working throughout the jurisdiction,  strictly adhering to the ancient landmarks, usages and customs of Masonry, which are on no account to be removed or violated.


To be replaced by: Title III, Article III, Section 1, Part 1, (b) To establish a uniform mode of working throughout the jurisdiction strictly adhering to the usages and customs of Masonry.


However, it is understood that the Grand Lodge Constitution and By-Laws are the governing laws of the Grand Lodge of New Jersey. The Constitution and By-Laws shall not be overridden or ignored by any interpretations of any known or alleged landmark.

Our fraternity can have only one governing Rule of Law. Every Master Mason in this jurisdiction has knelt at the Altar of Freemasonry and swore to abide by the Constitution and By-Laws, General Regulations and Edicts of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of the State of New Jersey. This obligation is supreme to any and all subsequent obligation(s) taken afterwards.

 Our Grand Lodge is a legal New Jersey Corporation. The Trustees are bound by N.J. statute(s), not by any known or alleged landmarks. Many Grand Jurisdictions around the world have no landmarks.


No mason, including our elected Grand Lodge representatives, has the authority to set aside his Master Mason Obligation and/or ignore the duly enacted Constitution and By-Laws of the New Jersey Grand Lodge. This is and must always be the one, the supreme and only governing law of our Craft.

 It is in this respect, and for the preservation of this great fraternity, that we, the undersigned, recommend that the above legislation be adopted by this Grand Lodge.

Fraternally  submitted:   {Signed by six PGMs and six more PMs.}

 New Legislation-Constitution and Laws-2016


Grand Lodge returns to court!  Remember when gm Kaulfers told us that the

Warren Lodge case was settled?  Well, he lied.  GL decided to better their position by reinventing

the truth and got caught by the judge.  Now we get to pay what could easily be over $100,000

in additional legal fees to hear the full case before the judge who threw out

gl's previous creative presentation.    gl is going broke, yet is willing to spend more money

on their impossible position.  The gm can do whatever he wants.  Do you enjoy paying for it?

See Superior Court of NJ Docket # WRN-C-16010-13 dated Nov. 17, 2016.


He did it! I don't believe he did it!

gm Kaulfers has reinstated a previously convicted and currently indicted pedophile, Duane Quigley,

and cleared his masonic record.  See the entire Superior Court Transcript at the end of this report.  gl's lawyer,

Gregg Trautmann has certified to the court that Kaulfers has reinstated and cleared a known and practicing pedophile

back into full membership in NJ, AS YOUR BROTHER! 

May GOD have mercy on us all.

And as this is progressing, and the gl is spending itself into bankruptcy, they have

bought the four top officers NEW CARS for their personal and business use!  They can't pay our bills,

but they are buying cars for themselves with our money?  Is there no shame?  Salaries will come next...

Certification of Walter R. Kaulfers, dated 10/19/16 to the Superior Court dealing with the 

cross-motion for entry of judgement: "Mr. Quigley is a person over whom I have taken the necessary steps

to be reinstated to membership and have his masonic record cleared on account of settlement of this matter."  

Mr. Quigley was suspended by gm Sharpe, whom gm Kaulfers meets regularly.  

He knew why Mr. Quigley was suspended., yet still reinstated him.  See the certifications

to the Superior Court from gm Kaulfers and attorney Troutmann that he has been reinstated.



Our gm, in his wisdom, intends to reinstate a

suspended member and clear his masonic record.  The brother was suspended by

another grand master, but mw Kaulfers has sworn in a Certification dated October

19, 2016, to the Superior Court of NJ, that "he has taken the necessary steps to

reinstate his membership and have his masonic record cleared". Failure to

complete actions he has certified himself to accomplish to a court in NJ could

result in a felony conviction. (And removal by expulsion from this fraternity.)

Maybe mw Kaulfers could further demonstrate his brotherly love by using our

newly reinstated brother to babysit his grandchildren, or recommend his services

to other brothers in the fraternity?

The reinstated brother is Duane Quigley, Orams Lane, Oxford, NJ 07863. You can

search him online and you will find that he is a convicted sex offender who has

served time in the Avanel Adult Diagnostic Center, a treatment center for sex

offenders, in lieu of seven years in prison, for having sexual relations with a 13

year old boy and a 14 year old girl.  He is listed as a  convicted sex offender and

must register with the local police.  He has also been arrested, charged and

indicted by a grand jury in 2014 with molesting a teenage girl.

Welcome home, Duane!


{as a personal note: Walt, I don't know who is giving you advice, but you should

seriously consider new advisers.  Please don't destroy the fraternity.}

UPDATE:  It has been reported that Duane Quigley has been acquitted in the latest pedophile case charged against him.  This does not change the fact that he is a convicted felon and pedophile, and I personally do not want a convicted pedophile as a "brother," and neither should you.  Your GM is considering reinstating him to full membership with a clear record even though he now knows that Mr. Quigley is a convicted felon and pedophile simply as a covering position in the Warren Lodge case, still pending.  Mr. Quigley should remain suspended pending a Masonic trial in his lodge for expulsion as a convicted felon and pedophile.  However he gained membership, and his petition is somehow strangely missing from lodge records, his history is now known and authenticated.

"If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government,

then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools." – Plato
         . . . or under corrupt, greedy, liars and thieves . . . 


Why are we not incensed?  Our Grand Lodge is losing over $100,000 a year in operations in their budget, losing over $1,000,000.00 a year in our Masonic Home and over $110,000,000.00 from our Charity Foundation funds.  Yet they re-directed $7,000,000.00 of our money from the sale of our property to a secret fund where we have no control, say or review over how our money is spent.  Why are we not demanding an accounting and the "fair dealing" we were promised when we joined this fraternity?  Where is our money going, why are these incompetent men being allowed to redirect our money without any controls over their decisions or spending?  Are we the crazy ones?  Every freemason in NJ should be furious and demanding a change in Grand Lodge and much, much better leaders.  This nonsense of Landmarks #3 & #7 must go.  We are allowing incompetent men to loot our funds under the guise of "The Grand Master can do whatever he wants," and other such rubbish.  Without being able to pay our bills now, Grand Lodge is arguing that we should be reducing the size of the membership and the number of lodges.  This is the argument of idiots and fools. Our Grand Masters have proven that they have no concept of business or how to manage money.


Our Grand Master, I believe, is playing all of us for fools.  The argument affecting the state of our craft here in New Jersey concerns the Ancient Landmarks of Freemasonry.  The argument isn’t if they exist or if they should govern the basis of our fraternity, but what should be their composition; what are the actual Landmarks. The Landmarks listed in our Constitution are IMPOSSIBLE, and do themselves violate the Landmarks of Freemasonry!  I speak, of course, of NJ Landmark  #3.

            Our fraternity as we know and practice it was organized and founded in the 16th and 17th Century during the time of the Age of Enlightenment.  A time in Europe when the educated were moving away from a single person as the head of state, that is a King, and towards democracy, where the government respected the rights and intelligence of the people, or governed.  A time when the King could no longer arbitrarily order anyone imprisoned, or hung, or banished; but when courts and the Order of Law governed how men were judged and respected.  The Landmarks of Masonry have always respected the need of checks and balances on our government, and our leaders.  Only in New Jersey does a Grand Master believe he has the right to do as he pleases; accuse, judge and punish as he pleases; and do whatever he pleases without review or consequences. 

            There is no other place on Earth where NJ Landmark #3 as an Ancient Landmark exists.  Not in any other state of the United States, or anywhere else in North or South America, not in Europe, not in the United Grand Lodge of England (from which we were recognized as a Grand Lodge), not in Asia, not in Africa, not in Australia, and not even in Antarctica.  Not in the writings of the esteemed Albert G. Mackey, the greatest and most respected Masonic Scholar of all times, who listed and discussed the Landmarks, and which are referenced herein so you can read them yourselves. Brother Mackey has recognized as a Landmark the “equality of all Masons”; not the divinity of any one.   You can see all of the Ancient Landmarks that have not been corrupted in NJ, and as determined by research by Brother Mackey at ;  and NJ Landmark #3 does not exist in the work of the Masonic Service Association, who have never recognized any such “Grand Master can do as he pleases” Landmark.  See STB 1-03   Ancient Landmark #3, as listed in New Jersey, is barely an antique, let alone ancient.  It came into existence in the early 20th Century, and should leave in the early 21st. NJ Landmark #3 is a moral travesty, without equal outside of dictatorships.

Examples of the damage caused by permitting unchecked power can be seen in ; and   search the archive under: Dennis Winter.   It can also be seen in the damage caused by the suspended, suspended indefinitely, and expelled list of over 5 dozen Brothers, without trial or hearing, but on hearsay alone, by the last two Grand Masters.  Also, the Grand Lodge does not publish the results of its’ many civil court trials, or their costs, but there are many.   As the payers of the bills, I would like to see a yearly listing of the trials and suits involving our Grand Lodge, and the costs.  Suspended and expelled members of Warren Lodge recently sued the Grand Lodge over being forced to surrender the lodge building and assets to Grand Lodge in the event they were dissolved.  The Lodge won, and the judge denounced Grand Lodge stating he was surprised Masons would act in such a manner.  Another great public display by our Grand Lodge.  Another Brother was suspended because, as a Jew, he would not wear a tie with a Christian Cross displayed on it.  Another Brother was suspended because he wrote an article another Grand Lodge disagreed with, and your Grand Master wanted to help out another district over our member.  Over 60 Brothers chucked out over hearsay and ego nonsense.  Such a waste and such a loss of talent for our fraternity.  We do not qualify our Grand Masters by education or experience; and NJ Landmark #3 does not protect us from their bad judgement, but allows them to romp unchecked doing damage.

Todays’ Grand Master has repeatedly written and said that there are enough Masons in this state, and it wouldn’t hurt to close some lodges.  I believe that is a minority position.  I believe that any organization that is not growing is dying.  Certainly NJ Masonry is wounded. Todays’ Grand Master is telling us that as individuals we just don’t matter, we only exist to pay dues, and if we don’t like it, just get the heck out, nobody cares.  There are enough Masons in NJ.  As long as NJ Landmark #3 exists, there is no need for bylaws or a constitution, the current Grand Master can do whatever he wants. NJ Landmark #3 states: “The Grand Master…may suspend, at his pleasure, the operation of any rule or regulation of Masonry”.  Do you object to this?  Then get out or he will toss you out.  The mantra now is:  Sit Down, Shut Up, Behave, Do As You Are Told, and Be Good Little Boys.  You have seen the damage of small minded and petty men such as Trautmann and Dorworth.  If there were justice in this Masonic world, these two would be suspended or expelled for the damage they have done to the fraternity, and to so many of our Brothers.  Can you imagine how much more damage they could have caused with their petty egos if they had even average intelligence? I believe Brother George Washington would not condone NJ Landmark #3, would not join any organization with such a demonic principal, and might even ban this assembly in the Colonies!

New Jersey needs to publish a real listing of the Ancient Landmarks, in line with Albert G. Mackey’s and the MSA’s research.  New Jersey needs to correct their Constitution and Bylaws to require all Masons to be judged before a jury of their Brothers, fairly, and we need to hold Grand Masters accountable for their actions.  Without these changes, anyone can be tossed for any, or no, reason, on a whim; and all of your work and effort would have been wasted, and your reputation smudged.  Grand Lodge officers, DDGM’s Past Masters, Officers and members have been expelled or suspended for ridiculous reasons.  All suspended and expelled Brothers should be called for a fair hearing, and if the suspension or expulsion was for an unsubstantiated reason, he should be reinstated with an apology from the current Grand Master.  Fair is fair.

The fraternity will congratulate themselves all year for being elected and appointed, as if everything is proper and respectable.  But until the fundamental flaws are addressed in the way this fraternity is managed, and mismanaged, things will only continue to get worse.  There is no “light at the end of the tunnel” or “silver lining” when characters such as Trautmann and Dorworth are allowed to run roughshod over some outstanding Brothers, just because they can.  Most Grand Masters are in this for the honor and glory, and really don't want to do the work that needs to be done to bring honesty, fairness, honor and glory to the craft and fraternity.  Most seen willing to just do the minimum, accept the applause, and move along.   

 Other thoughts:
Symbolic.     NJ Lodges are symbolic.  We tell our candidates before they enter the lodge that the degree is symbolic, the obligation is symbolic, the symbols are symbolic, the penalties are symbolic, and the entire program is symbolic.   We are a SYMBOLIC fraternity.  Now, after the fact, many are trying to tell us that the obligations are entirely enforceable!  That you swore in an obligation to keep all secrets and to always obey those appointed or elected to some other position above you, even-though all freemasons are equal.  The argument is that in your obligation, originally symbolic and now obligatory, you swore to obey all dictates and allusions of the grand master, regardless of their merit or worth, or legality, because in the early 1900's, under a non-vote, somebody thought this was a good idea and slipped it into the minutes of a Grand Lodge session.  Following this logic, all freemasons are guilty of the felony of collusion and threatening a terrorist act to maim and kill all who do not follow the obligations.  You can be tried and convicted of conspiracy to murder another because he violated, in someone's' mind, a contrived and unsigned obligation.  How stupid can our "leaders" be?  Freemasonry is a symbolic fraternity, not a military order,  or a government agency with authority to kill, or a separate government ruling over a nation.   We are a symbolic fraternity trying to live to certain ideals explained by symbols.  Nothing more.  Calling the obligations binding could result in all of us being prosecuted and jailed.  Don't the obligations call for us to brutally kill offenders?


Plato - Great Minds understand the Future

Plato, the ancient Greek philosopher, some 2,400 years ago, understood Freemasonry in New Jersey, and described our future!  I guess it is true that there is nothing new under the sun, because he observed mankind and their actions, and understood some of the worst in man.  The measure of a man is what he does with power (Plato).  Look at Glenn Trautman, he had a chance to build and develop the fraternity, but instead chose to foster his own ego.  Dave Dorworth had a chance to correct this lunacy, but instead chose to follow his leaders, like the weak follower he proved himself to be, and allowed the fraternity to decline.  The next two guys did nothing but congratulate themselves on getting to be GM, and did nothing to help the fraternity.  Glenn expelled or suspended on average more than one brother each week, for his full term, with no review or hearing, but on hearsay and his imagination alone.   He destroyed lodges just to grab their money. 

Plato understood that this stupidly destroys societies.   Intelligent people do not subject themselves to this abuse.

Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others (Plato).  Plato also understood that each of us can help all of us grow and prosper as individuals.  Hopefully, the new guys coming along as GM will understand Plato and save this society from the evil of its’ recent past.  Hopefully, the new guys will return the $7,500,000 dorworth and others are redirecting from our GL to "other uses."

Glenn is not the only problem in our history and future.  Others will come along and fancy themselves greater than all others.  Protect our fraternity and remove unaccepted Landmark #3 from the landmarks listings, and from its’ influence in our constitution.  This obscenity does not belong in civilized society.

Women.      I am not aware of any organization in the entire world that is more disrespectful of women.  Not only do we not allow them to do any more than clean our temples and cook for us, we totally forbid their admission into our ranks, including being willing to kill them and any man who helps them attempt their way into our fraternity.  See obligations above.  While we do sponsor a separate woman's organization, they are only allowed to meet and hold degrees under the watchful eye of a man.  Only a man is ever allowed to administer their obligations!  Even in our freemason degrees, we require all to march around nearly naked to prove then are not women.


Money.  Most lodges in NJ were founded and build with local money; meaning the local members raised or donated the funds necessary to furnish their rooms and build their temples.  Grand Lodge helped some lodges with loans, but all loans were paid back to Grand Lodge.  Now Grand Lodge is failing and they want all of the assets and money and property of the local lodges  when they collapse.  Haven't we seen enough of the waste and ineptitude of Grand Lodge when they wasted so much of the Masonic Homes' money and assets?  Don't you think the money and assets of a local lodge should remain in the local community to assist local projects and people, where it was originally intended to serve?  No more Battleship New Jerseys.  There will be a motion to pay elected GL officers; as some who wish to go there have never accomplished anything worthwhile in their lives and need financial support to participate. Without addressing the qualifications of these individuals, please do not support this waste of our money,.
Write me at  with your ideas.  I have not used my name because I do not want to be expelled or suspended, and we know there is no freedom of speech in the NJ Grand Lodge. 

This paper does not include a copy write, and you are free to copy and circulate any or all of these contents, with or without attribution.  I am not expressing a "legal opinion", and except for source material and referenced publications, all opinions are my own. All legal opinions and legal advice must come from a licensed attorney in NJ.  I am not a licensed NJ attorney.


Reference works to better understand the Grand Lodge of Masons of NJ: 

LORD OF THE FLIES by William Golding.  The story of a well-constructed society taken over by the petty and incompetent.

ANIMAL FARM by George Orwell.  All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

Both stories had sad endings for their society.


DOCKET NO. C-16010-13
PLACE: Somerset County Courthouse
20 North Bridge Street
Somerville, New Jersey
DATE: November 10, 2016

Trautmann & Associates, LLC
For Plaintiff
Lavery, Selvaggi, Abromitis & Cohen
For Defendant
Supervisor of Court Reporters
Vicinage XIII

Cross-Motions to Enforce Settlement,
or Alternatively, Relist Case for Trial
By Mr. Moscagiuri 4
By Mr. Trautmann 8
Judge's Decision Reserved

THE COURT: Okay. We're here on Grand Lodge versus MTAB, Docket Number Warren Chancery
 16010-13. Your appearances, please.
MR. TRAUTMANN: Good morning, your Honor. Gregg Trautmann on behalf of plaintiff.
MR. MOSCAGIURI: James Moscagiuri on behalf of the defendants.

THE COURT: Okay. We're here on defendant's motion to enforce the settlement, as defendant contends it was breached, or, alternatively, to relist the matter for trial.
 As both of you know, I'm familiar with the  case. I participated with you in the settlement discussions that ultimately led to the placement of a settlement on the record.
The issue that is before the Court is the really surrounds the use of the word "suspended" that is included in the settlement that was orally  placed upon the record.
 I've read both of your papers thoroughly. I'm familiar with your arguments, but what I would ask that you do is emphasize whatever you'd like me to pay particular attention to. 
You don't have to repeat everything in the papers since I read them, and I'll probably reserve decision and give you a written one since that seems to be appropriate in this case. But I'll hear from you, counsel. The defendant first.

 MR. MOSCAGIURI: Thank you very much, Judge.
I hear what your Honor is saying and, obviously, I know she participated in hearings for status updates and so on and so on.
I believe I know the Court knows what the settlement was in this case and, that being said, the papers submitted did thoroughly go through all of the situation.
I just want to point out one thing.All of the documents, all of the records, all of the pleadings, all of negotiations beforehand, all of the negotiations before that day can only point to one determination, and that is that, obviously, we were talking about the 12 people listed in our trial brief.
Turning to the record itself, the settlement placed on the record, everything in the record, supports one conclusion absent the one -- the use of the word "suspended." Mr. Trautmann wants to use that word and say it must be enforced this way because I used that word. 
But if you look at the whole -- even just dealing with the membership issue,if you look at the whole set of facts in putting that on the record, you cannot --it's impossible to have been referring to anybody else but the expelled members.

And I tried to create the timeline. I had to do it quickly because I thought we were going to have this hearing way back when.So I did it all on Sunday at home.I tried to articulate the timeline placed on the record by Mr. Trautmann. I didn't give him that  timeline. It comes from the trial brief, December 2012 to September 2013. If you just look solely at September of 2013, there's only one thing that happened, and that was an expulsion by the second Grand Master referred to in the record. Everything from December of 2012 to September 2013 was an expulsion by Mr. Trautmann's  brother.  So if you take all that, there's two Grand Masters, heard over the course of -- from December 2012 from December of 2012 to September of 2013. Who could you possibly be speaking about besides that group of people? Especially on September 2013. It tells the whole story.

Now, I'm going to pretty much conclude on this because I know that your Honor knows everything that's going on.They drop in Duane Quigley. The gall to do so is beyond me, that it can be dispensed of so quickly. He wasn't suspended in the time frame placed on the record. That's what I've been saying all along.
Nobody will be reinstated under what Mr. Trautmann is saying. If the Court remembers, I hope, when we came out to place the settlement on the record, there was a sole issue: Would the members agree to reinstatement with their record not being cleared or with their record being cleared? If we were talking about Mr. Rasely, then I  was going to go out to him and try to convince him to accept nothing because he was an active member. So, in that very moment, Mr. Trautmann was going out to try to convince his clients to reinstate these guys and clear the record. I was going out to try and say, hey, guys, let's accept it and see if we can get the consensus to reinstate everybody. They don't have to admit any wrongdoing, but they'll have this on the record. If I was talking about Rasely, I would be like, "Rasely" --who by the way is not in any documents and, in Judge Miller's opinion, he had nothing to do with this issue. And the counterclaim states -- but if I was going out there, who was I going out there to try to convince to be reinstated with the record? It would be nobody. It's absurd.

Duane Quigley is brought in after the fact, as I said right in the beginning, trying to fit that square peg into a round hole. He doesn't fit. It's ridiculous. We're taking steps to reinstate Duane Quigley? It's a piece of paper. Where is Duane Quigley's reinstatement? You know what's going to happen? Duane Quigley, I'm not going to come back here if it was enforced this way. Let's go back in there and get Duane Quigley back into the group, the guy who was convicted of molesting a 13-year-old boy and a 14-year-old-girl, whatever their ages are? The thought that I was trying to reinstate him and the thought that Kaulfers, the guy that runs all the peace and harmony, wouldn't reinstate eight guys who disagreed with his brother's opinion and walked out of the meeting after it was over, but readily accepts the reinstatement of one Duane Quigley is insulting. It should be insulting to everybody. Judge, this is a Court of Chancery. Years ago, I walked in to one -- I think down in Essex, and on the Chancery judge's door was the statement: I do what's right. I do what's fair, and if you don't like it, talk to my boss.
We should do what's right and fair.Everybody knows exactly what was agreed to that day.
Thank you.

 THE COURT: Mr. Trautmann?
 MR. TRAUTMANN: Good morning, your Honor. May it please the Court, your Honor, I would submit what is right and what is fair in this
 case is enforcing the settlement that was agreed upon on the record, agreed upon by counsel, agreed upon by his client, and agreed upon by my client.
 THE COURT: Who were the members suspended between December '12 and September '13?
 MR. TRAUTMANN: I don't have that information off the top of my head.
 THE COURT: We talked about that on a phone conference, and you said you would get me a name.
MR. TRAUTMANN: My recollection of the telephone conversation was you asked who was the suspended members, to which I replied that at that
 moment on the telephone conversation I didn't recall.
THE COURT: I'm asking you now. This has been raised in the papers. You had the opportunity to respond. I see nothing in the papers.
 Who do you say that this is -- that the agreement was to apply to? The people who were suspended between December '12 -- December '12 and
 September 2013. Why don't I have a name?
 MR. TRAUTMANN: Well, your Honor, the defendant, Mr. Quigley, and the defendant, Mr. Rasely,
 and it's a --
 THE COURT: Quigley was not suspended --
 MR. TRAUTMANN: No, ma'am.
 THE COURT: No, no.
 MR. TRAUTMANN: Reinstated --
THE COURT: Quigley was not suspended during that period of time.
 MR. TRAUTMANN: I don't know that to be the case.
MR. TRAUTMANN: I don't have that.
 THE COURT: That's what I have in the papers.
MR. TRAUTMANN: The transcript says approximately.
 But I'm submitting to the Court, this reinstatement had a dual purpose. It was reinstatement and that the records be deemed cleared and that's what occurred here. Counsel is seeking relief from persons who are in default, by the way, which we believe is improper, and under the rules -- and I would submit to the Court there is an opinion that came down in the matrimonial context. It's an unpublished opinion, came down on October 25th, 2016, in the matter of Moore versus Moore, Appellate Division A-4924-14 T2, and that talks about mutual mistake. Counsel is not -- as a means of setting aside an agreement, counsel is not arguing a mutual mistake. He is arguing what I would call a unilateral mistake. He says -- there's two paragraphs in the certification. It's his certification that says "I made a mistake," and it's Mr. Rasely's certification paragraph that says "I made a mistake." The contention that they would have us believe is that they don't know the difference or didn't hear the difference between suspended and expelled. My client expressly states he would not agree to reinstate expelled members.

 THE COURT: Who were the suspended members?You should be prepared to tell me who the members who were suspended during that period of time. You were
 the one that placed it on the record and you still, today, can't tell me, because I believe there aren't any. There aren't any members that were suspended during that period of time to which this alleged settlement would apply.
 MR. TRAUTMANN: Your Honor, what you're saying is that their mistake, their unilateral mistake, you're agreeing you can set it aside.
THE COURT: I'm asking you a question that you cannot answer.
 MR. TRAUTMANN: I believe it's Mr. Quigley. That's why he was named as a defendant in this lawsuit.
 THE COURT: You named him as a defendant. I sat in chambers for hours. There were 12, 14 members that were being discussed, and he was going out to make
 phone calls about whether they're going to be reinstated, whether or not their names would be cleared, whether they'd have to admit liability,
 whether there would be no admission. Mr. Quigley was never on the radar.

 MR. TRAUTMANN: Your Honor, counsel never and this goes to the point of he could have protected himself -- and that's what the Supreme Court talks about. He could have protected him by listening.I had no idea who he was talking to.
THE COURT: You're not telling me who you're talking about. Mr. Trautmann, you're not
 telling me --
MR. TRAUTMANN: I am absolutely -- your Honor, you're not giving me time to talk.
THE COURT: I'm asking you a question that you can't answer.
MR. TRAUTMANN: I disagree, your Honor. I am answering the question. I'm speaking about Mr.
 Rasely and Mr. Quigley.
THE COURT: When were they suspended?
MR. TRAUTMANN: I don't have the dates off the top of my head.
THE COURT: Rasely was reinstated before the lawsuit started.

MR. TRAUTMANN: And this was a dual thing, that the records would be deemed cleared as well, reinstated with records cleared. Mr. Rasely had been reinstated and his record cleared. He received his edict to that effect. And Mr. Quigley has been reinstated and his record cleared. That's what we agreed to, your Honor. That is expressly -- what counsel is doing here is trying to get something through a motion that he couldn't get through a settlement. My client is crystal clear: I would not have reinstated the expelled persons; I agreed to the suspended.Counsel wants to say that it was certain people, and you can tell by his recitation of dates. If he wanted that to be crystal clear, he should have listed who he was speaking about and we wouldn't be here. We wouldn't have agreed to that. We would have had the trial. But they settled knowing what the terms were. They expressly stated it on the record. Counsel says, well, I made a mistake. That's his mistake. If that's the standard, you can come in and say "I made a mistake" and the Court would set it aside, the Court would be inundated with motions. The Supreme Court gives us the standard. The settlement should be enforced, as we set forth in the cross-motion, and that's the end of the case. We took steps, by the way, besides reinstating the lodge. I think they're having a meeting on Friday to elect the new officers. Everything we said we would do, we have done. Counsel tries to get something he can't get through a settlement or a trial, frankly. People who are in default in this case and never appeared, and I have no idea who he was talking about. No idea. He didn't say this person or that -- we didn't discuss individuals whatsoever. So that's our position, your Honor.

THE COURT: Thank you. Anything else?
MR. MOSCAGIURI: Nothing further, Judge.
THE COURT: All right. I'll consider your arguments, and I'll get you out a decision.
MR. TRAUTMANN: Thank you, your Honor.
MR. MOSCAGIURI: Thank you very much.
THE COURT: Have a good day.

MR. TRAUTMANN: You too, your Honor.
 I, PATRICIA A. BRILL, C.S.R., License
 Number 0000000000 an Official Court Reporter in and
 for the State of New Jersey, do hereby certify the
foregoing to be prepared in full compliance with the
 current Transcript Format for Judicial Proceedings and
 is a true and accurate compressed transcript of my
 stenograph notes taken in the above matter to the best
 of my knowledge and ability.

Supervisor Of Court Reporters
Somerset County Courthouse
Somerville, New Jersey 08876


The Ashlar Fund

This is what happened:
1. Acacia Lumberton Manor was sold for about $7.1 Million
2. That money was put into the The Grand Lodge of New Jersey Ashlar Fund, Inc
3. The Ashlar Fund , Inc. trustees or the Acacia Lumberton Trustees (we don't know for sure who did) then gave either $2.5 Million  or  $3.1 Million to the Historic Trenton Temple Trustees.
4. The Trenton Historic Trenton Trustees then paid either the $2.5 Million or $3.1 Million (whichever it was, we do not know) to the Grand Lodge  for the purchase of the Trenton Historic Temple and Museum from the Grand Lodge.
5. The $2.5 Million or $3.1  Million was supposed to be put into the Grand Lodge Permanent Fund, but we have no confirmation of that.
*The Trenton Historic Temple and Museum is now owned by the Trenton Historic Temple Trustees, not the Grand Lodge. Therefore, they are now the largest Temple association in the State of New Jersey.
 Grand Lodge pays rent to them and so do all the lodges meeting there.
 All this was done without the vote of the Grand Lodge as required by State Statute.

​The grand lodge of NJ is a Corporation in the State of NJ, and as such must operate under NJ State Corporate Laws, not this nonsense of "the gm can do whatever he wants." When formed, this corporation specifically excluded all other members of grand lodge, including you and me.  After all, it is only our money. NJ Corporate law requires the corporation to pass a resolution with the membership to buy and sell real estate, transfer assets, and elect trustees or directors. It must also disclose financial transactions and other business to the membership of grand lodge.  As such, each trustee or director, and officer, will be held personally and financially responsible for any money spent from the corporations funds, or the costs or losses from any investments from the corporations funds, until and unless it is properly established and governed by the owners, the entirety of grand lodge.  They did report that they spent $75,000 in legal fees to establish the Ashlar Fund corporation, a process usually costing about $500 with most attorneys.  Are you comfortable with the concept of "just give me millions of dollars of your money and don't ask any questions - you can trust me"?  If so, I know of a bridge for sale in Brooklyn and great swamp land in Florida just right for you.


(Kaulfers letter to the lodges, etc. with statements he knew to be false, as shown in the Settlement Agreement)
December 2, 2016
Brethren,  A few brethren have asked me if there is any truth to the recent messages being posted by the anonymous poster who calls himself Kabr Hairan, or whether this is simply another “Lone Ranger” type of character. I can only tell you that the pattern in which this individual writes is a similar to the “Lone Ranger”, and may in fact, even be the same person. The information he posts is only half truths or total lies and his personal “spin”, similar to what we have all seen take place in the recent in national elections. One thing that this Kabr Hairan has done, however, is that he has attempted to hijack and infringe upon the name of the Grand Lodge, even to the point of posting a letter which purported to originate, over his signature, from 100 Barrack St. in Trenton, the actual offices of your Grand Lodge. That was false. His website, which he calls “”, is not a website of your Grand Lodge, but is a pretense. The information contained thereon is also not true.
In a recent posting, he claims I have restored to membership a brother who was guilty of being a pedophile. That is completely untrue. In the recent settlement of the civil suit involving the Masonic Temple Association of Belvedere (MTAB), the MTAB, had insisted upon the restoration, and the expungement of the records, of all members of Warren Lodge Number 13 who had been suspended. Brother A.B. (not his real name, since I understand this person has not been convicted at this time, and I will not libel him by name as the poster does) was one such brother. He had been suspended, after being accused of criminal conduct, pending the disposition of those charges in the state courts. Counsel for the Grand Lodge, in the recent motion to enforce that settlement, upon which the MTAB sought to change the terms after they had been placed on the record under oath, did inform the court that I was prepared to restore brother A.B. and was taking the necessary steps to do so in compliance with the terms of that settlement. Since the settlement was the subject of motions for enforcement I deliberately have not yet vacated Brother A.B.’s suspension and I will be taking no action on that until the court case is final and I know whether the court will order me to do that or not. Even if the court orders it, Brother A.B. will still be subject to standing trial on Masonic charges after his criminal trial is over, since his suspension was only pending the completion of that process in order that Masonic charges could be prosecuted. It is not and has never been my desire to restore brother A.B., if he is found guilty of the criminal behavior of which he is accused, he will face Masonic trial as well. It is interesting to me that the criminal conviction of which the poster writes appears to be an old conviction, from before the time this man was made a Mason. One has to question what the investigating committee discovered in their investigation, and reported to the Lodge in order for him to have been elected to membership.
Much of his writing appears to be simply rehashing much of the marginal opinions previously published by the “Lone Ranger”. Their repetition in this new forum does not make them true.
I am your Grand Master. You can talk to me personally at any time. You know who I am and I will stand behind what I say. I am not hiding anywhere.
Sincerely and fraternally,
Walter R. Kaulfers
Your Grand Master
Cc: Elected Line
N.E. Conf. of GM & GS


​Click for Warren Lodge Settlement Agreement:

Settlement Agreement Signed by Goodzeit (1).pdf


Click for copies of gm letters to the membership containing their false, deceitful and inaccurate statements now proved false by the Settlement Agreement:

Montuori Propaganda (1).pdf
GM's Letter - Kaulfers-June 28,2016 (1).pdf